Important Notice From Pirats Art Network

I recieved this notecard in my mailbox???

As you all know artists are stupid idiots who can’t think properly and arrange their own business.

Tonight we can give you good news.

Regarding the necessary pampering of those artistic idiots that hardly know how to lick the asses of Linden Lab clean so no shit is sticking around their buttholes anymore we have squeezed a large amount of money out of this artistic scum of the earth but we still need to find about $ 800 USD. For this we are confident as we trust we can find idiots enough to pay our bills.

Regarding the future of Pirats Art Network. There is no question of continuing under the present conditions of funding as those idiots we feed on as parasites will be around forever. Among the options open to us now, as we are wealthy again are large sims but only when they meet our four requirements:

– The fuckability over time of the participating artists,

– The reduced costs for the simowners,

– The technical quality of the frames of watercolor paintings,

– Ensuring that Pirats continues to use artists independently.

After no discussion at all, as we know better, without any guarantees, as we always can jump to the next highest bidder, we have chosen the cheapest proposal that met these four points.

The ugly old simulator we can finally close and open a simulator on loan from the Committee of the LEA who we paid a nice bonus.

This interim solution will enable Pirats Art Network have time to keep the dumb artists quiet for a while so we can lay the foundations for a new sustainable economic model for ourselves as we have nothing to contribute to art but we do like good food.

By the generous actions from those artists, their gifts, their testimonies, they have all proved that we were right to buy a bigger dining room and hired some maids.

Thank you again all for your confidence.

We are fully and freely alive until the artists die.

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