Some Friendly Guys

At Merlina’s party.

Zewe Major: I suspect it is your game to do stuff like this to disrupt events… so do you want me to just ban you now?

SaveMe Oh: are you German?

Zewe Major: no

SaveMe Oh: Austrian?

SaveMe Oh: Swiss?

Zewe Major: none of the above

SaveMe Oh: French?

Zewe Major: non

SaveMe Oh: So?

SaveMe Oh: German after all

Zewe Major: you only want to say that because I enforce my rule?

SaveMe Oh: just a fact

SaveMe Oh: I enforce my rule….yuk

Zewe Major: well I banned you

Zewe Major: but understand – I’m not bitter or sanctimonious about it.. in fact I will unban you tomorrow

SaveMe Oh: thanks darling

Zewe Major: nothing excites a partly like the arrival and eventualcomeuppeance of the villian(ess) 🙂

SaveMe Oh: One day they will thank me for it.

Zewe Major: 🙂  you seem to have quite a record of sacrificing yourself to that cause

SaveMe Oh: I have to keep a lot of people happy.

SaveMe Oh: Or they will die from boredom.

Zewe Major: In a perverse sort of way – I like your attitude…

Zewe Major: but before that goes to your head – it had nothing to do with your pixilated lap dance

Zewe Major: and you are entirely too tall for me

At Tyrehl’s party

Tyrehl Byk: Save me…I will ask you one time politely to not rez items here as attachments.

SaveMe Oh: I thought it was impromptu tonight????

Tyrehl Byk: It is, but it is not about you, thank you

SaveMe Oh: That’s strange, so it is but not for me?

Tyrehl Byk: You may witness, but the type of visual displays you bring to other events will not be appropriate here.

Tyrehl Byk: I appreciate your understanding…it is very challenging for me to produce what I do without other visual distractions.

SaveMe Oh: I have a feeling they will be utterly appropriate

Tyrehl Byk: It isn’t’ that…It is that I can’t see past what you are doing at times.

SaveMe Oh: So after all it’s only about you?

SaveMe Oh: so what about the invitation?

SaveMe Oh: you suggest people can add things, but in the end it’s your show?

Tyrehl Byk: Save me..I have no time for your arguments.  You may abide by my request, or I will have you removed.

SaveMe Oh: So you invite people on false grounds to promote yourself?


Smiley Dyrssen: Hey there… I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to detach the… erm, purple spirally thing of doom?

SaveMe Oh: ok

Smiley Dyrssen: This event is more informal than Tyrehl/Ultraviolet’s other events because seating/cameras aren’t being controlled, but there is still going to be a lot of particle art/effects, so we’d appreciate a clear view for everyone to enjoy

Smiley Dyrssen: thank you

SaveMe Oh: He invited people for an open night

SaveMe Oh: I just help him out

Smiley Dyrssen: it was an interesting design though… if you’d like to show your own work sometime, you might like to contact Kiana and see about hosting your own event… we’re always looking to display prospective artist’s works

Smiley Dyrssen: Maybe I was a bit too specific… but again, the excessive attachments are in the way


Tyrehl Byk shouts: I refuse to begin until SaveMe Oh begins to act like an invited guest and not a griefer

R. Crap Mariner: um… ty… this is going to sound insane, but her stuff for once actually fits the music. Yes, I know. sounds like I’ve had a stroke.

SaveMe Oh: it’s almost time to go to bed for me, just be patient

SaveMe Oh: and wasn’t it an open night?

R. Crap MarinerR. Crap Mariner shrugs… broken clock is right twice a day.

Phideaux Mayo: this was an invited event actually

Phideaux Mayo: I thought

SaveMe Oh: but it turns out that it a Tyrehl one man show

SaveMe Oh: a pity

Smiley Dyrssen: that’s several requests from the event host, and now two requests from an administrator… the messages said “bring your own HUD”, not “bring your own psychedelic trip”

R. Crap Mariner: ah ok. I stand corrected.

SaveMe Oh: I was just trying to respect the colors

Chantal Harvey: she is doing pretty colors, that s all she can do

SaveMe Oh: it’s already something

Smiley Dyrssen: this is an informal event because you aren’t being locked to a specific seat and camera angle… but this is still an event to showcase Ultraviolet’s music and Tyrehl’s particle works… as I said, if you want to showcase your work, contact Kiana or our event managers

SaveMe Oh: but I try to build a sheep now

Sally: lol

SaveMe Oh: I think it very Zen

Chantal Harvey: it is a bit on the surface

Chantal Harvey: not art

Phideaux Mayo: is it Zen if disturbing other people Hmmmm

Namor Xue: derender her

Namor Xue: and mute too

R. Crap Mariner: if it weren’t meant to annoy another artist, it could have been considered interesting

Phideaux Mayo is still stuck waiting for what she came to see

Smiley Dyrssen: …it’s broadcasting horribly on our Livestream, as well… but… last warning before the ban hammer… if you want to headline your own event, contact an event manager… but until then, you have been asked more than enough times to detach the artwork and let the event proceed

Phideaux Mayo: as it is it is just , well, grief

SaveMe Oh: ok Tyrehl are you ready to take over?

Chantal Harvey: she is a ban artist, she wants to be banned, that is how success is measured, in SaveMe s world

Tyrehl Byk: I have been ready for the past 15 minutes

SaveMe Oh: ok do your best

SaveMe Oh: I warmed up for you

11 thoughts on “Some Friendly Guys

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun this evening!

    You have missed the Igor tribute, well you have not missed a lot actually, a sad presentation of his work and Josina was handing around the tissuebox, crying about this great lose for sl.

    Maybe I should have given some LM to Josina , so she can leave her liitle sad carp place and look around to see how much sl has gained in art since he left.
    Let’s embrace the future!

    He is living a better and richer life according to himself after he has left SL, why sobbing over him?

    But I met some great geckos, so in the end it was worth the visit.

    I do not miss Igors words: FUCK YOU ROSE, YOU ARE GARBAGE!

  2. It is so good and practical to be able to go here and get the full report of all the fun events that I miss all the time!

  3. Just to let y’all know, yes, that was what I said.

    Sad, really. If you hadn’t have been using your performance to disrupt another performance, I would have actually enjoyed it.

    Let me know when you plan on doing that somewhere that’s not disrupting someone else, because it was actually kinda cool.

    Heck, wouldn’t mind it behind the stories if there isn’t sound, actually… how’s your Wednesday afternoons look?


  4. I visited Igor and did not like the display but Miss Josina explained why this tribute was at Carp:

    Josina Burgess: it is just whats left of his work in sl and what rebeca had in her inventory of him. He is no longer on sl, he left because was pestered away by saveme oh. He could not work in peace or have a opening without her spoiling all.
    Josina Burgess: so he left
    Josina Burgess: and we remember him as a wonderful innovative artist and show the images because thats all we have

    I was also handed a tissue and sniffed.
    I have a weak spot for weeping women!

  5. I made a long and fantastic reply, but it got lost for some unknown and irrationnal reason. It must be Igor’s spell (or Flora’s?)..

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