The Arrogance Of The Prim Gluers

As if those sad prim gluers are more important than the creators of good drama.

For what you think people go to an exhibition? To see for the 1000th time the prims glued together by some wannabe artist? Or for the good drama in chat or performed by the drama elite of SL?

Everybody knows that the work of a Cherry Manga, Alizarin Goldflake, Rebeca Bashly, Claudia333 Jewel, Maya Paris or Bryn Oh are completely exchangeable, one a little bit more dark, the other a little bit more steampunk or a slight flavor of hippie, some with an attempt to have some kind of story, but nobody takes the time to watch them really as all are waiting for the good drama to arrive. All those useless primglueing only comes alive when it becomes used by one of the fine drama artists like myself or my student Eupalinos Ugajin.

But all the time that we come to offer our fine talents we are confronted with idiot sim owners or wannabe artists with a genius complex.

So one more time I would like to cry out loud to all parked avatars during exhibitions: LEAVE US ALONE AND LET US DO OUR JOB TO ENLIGHTEN YOUR SECONDLIFE AND TO PREVENT YOU FROM DYING FROM BOREDOM.

Poor Eupalinos Ugajin was attacked by one of these idiots, in this case Raskolnikow Roffo who choose his first name from a Dostojevski novel but lacks the fantasy and love for drama from his rolemodel.

Here is what happened at a party at “The Cactus” build by Maya Paris.

[14:35] Eupalinos Ugajin: hello

[14:36] Raskolnikow Roffo: some people who dont have a mesh enabled viewer are having trouble seeing the build

[14:36] Eupalinos Ugajin: what build ?

[14:36] Raskolnikow Roffo: would you be so kind to not wear an entire building please

[14:36] Raskolnikow Roffo: mayas build

[14:37] Eupalinos Ugajin: look above the roof ?

[14:37] Eupalinos Ugajin: no regular prims

[15:16] Raskolnikow Roffo: listen, there are people here who want to make photos of mayas build

[15:16] Raskolnikow Roffo: why are u attaching big objects all the time?

[15:18] Eupalinos Ugajin: because all is prims and this one I used to make a movie at Maya’s build

[15:18] Raskolnikow Roffo: what part of what i said don’t u understand?

[15:19] Eupalinos Ugajin: did you read what I wrote ? There is a cactus on this satellite

[15:19] Eupalinos Ugajin: + she posted a link to this video in the NC she sent

[15:20] Raskolnikow Roffo: yeah i read what u wrote, and i could show u how your attachment looks like shit on a photo, but i am not gonna do that

[15:20] Eupalinos Ugajin: what is your lod ?

[15:21] Eupalinos Ugajin: now please stop acting like the police

[15:21] Raskolnikow Roffo: u are pissing me off

[15:23] Eupalinos Ugajin: I am sorry to hear that attaching things to avatars is not something to do

[15:23] Raskolnikow Roffo: if u have any social skills u would understand

[15:24] Raskolnikow Roffo: stop pissing mke off or i will be kicking you out of groups

[15:24] Eupalinos Ugajin: I did not contact you at first, now let’s make peace please

[15:27] Raskolnikow Roffo: if u really an artist you would see the red object spoils the picture

[15:28] Eupalinos Ugajin: there we enter pure subjectivity don’t you agree ? I used that 1 prim satellite in the movie I took at her build as I told you

[15:29] Eupalinos Ugajin: so “thought” it would be fun to wear here, then if you don’t agree… what can I say

[15:29] Eupalinos Ugajin: great music btw

[15:29] Raskolnikow Roffo: i’ll remember this

[15:29] Eupalinos Ugajin: remember what ?

Believe me, we will take the right to wear whatever we want wherever we are and on the moment we wish. We hope you all do the same so we finally start to interact instead of playing online “my little museum”.

5 thoughts on “The Arrogance Of The Prim Gluers

  1. i was there to , and i considered the arty farty look at how creative my avatar (larger then the venue) can be, not amusing ….
    very griefing , so suck up that atitude …
    and respect how people feel
    and i just reported u for posting peoples inworld private IM ‘s
    now go delete this post …

    • It is very trendy to be Anonymous those days…. but sometimes, it is just a proof of cowardness.
      So why don’t you go and delete yourself? It could be such a relief…. and much less boredom.

      Ms Shilova

      • Another very trendy feature is “report”. Not only at SL, everywhere on the web. Some folks call this “self-governance”, but seems more like witch-hunt. And when you have both trends combined, anonymity and reporting… Soon Mr. Hobbes will be proud of us.


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