FA dumb Q

Ush Underwood: Why are you using my name to ask those FA dumb Q?

SaveMe Oh: As you are not a registered trademark and you ask all the time dumb questions most people will believe you really asked this questions.

Ush Underwood: And what has the fact that I am driving a Honda Jazz to do with this?

SaveMe Oh: Absolutely nothing.

Ush Underwood: So

SaveMe Oh: So what? Now please ask your official first dumb question.

Ush Underwood: Ok, let me try, but a little other question first, shall I ask them with my glasses on or off?

SaveMe Oh: With glasses you look more intelligent but everybody knows you ask dumb questions so better without them.

Ush Underwood: Ok, first question, will it be on Two Fish?

SaveMe Oh: No Ush, it will not be on Two Fish unless circumstances force us to use it as an escape. Last month I bought 15 new sims and it will be held there.

Ush Underwood: You bought??????? You always say you will never spend any Linden dollar in secondlife?

SaveMe Oh: Ush, I am an artists and the future wife of Rose Borchovski so I speak in metaphors. And in 1 of the 15 metaphors it will took place and after half an hour we will switch to the next metaphor.

Ush Underwood: And who is invited?

SaveMe Oh: All my friends are invited as long as they are in the FREE THE AVATAR group as I will send in that group the landmarks. Of course after the landmarks are send everybody can TP whoever they want until the sim is full.

Ush Underwood: Is the performance called ROOM WITH A VIEW?

SaveMe Oh: Only dumb questions please, Ush, stick to your role!

Ush Underwood: Ok, sorry, what are the rules?

SaveMe Oh: Great dumb question, Ush, there are no rules, everybody is completely free to do whatever they want. If somebody wants to blow up a giant Josina Burgess doll or unframe every Merlina Rokocoko painting in a new world record time they can do so.

Ush Underwood: Will the event took place on your rezday?

SaveMe Oh: It will start on my rezday but it will go on and on and on until I get bored myself and I get bored very quick but almost never with my own stuff so it could go on for ages.

Ush Underwood: Who paid for all of this?

SaveMe Oh: My 3 ex-husbands who I made pay me large sums of money if they want to have cybersex with me. Of course I run away when they want to consume my part of the deal.

Ush Underwood: Will it be again exactly the same as we always see from you?

SaveMe Oh: No Ush, this time it will be exactly the same as always, but then different.

Ush Underwood: Is Cherry Manga invited?

SaveMe Oh: Cherry who?

Ush Underwood: Is Newbab Zsigmond invited?

SaveMe Oh: Newbab who?

Ush Underwood: Is Igor Ballyhoo invited?

SaveMe Oh: All my ex husbands are invited as long as they pay me for having cybersex with them.

Ush Underwood: Is Bryn Oh invited?

SaveMe Oh: Oh who?

Ush Underwood: Is Josina Burgess invited?

SaveMe Oh: Of course. Everybody who once wanted to be my mother is invited!

Ush Underwood: Is ….

SaveMe Oh: Now stop it Ush, are you going to mention every enemy from me so they have their name again in my blog so they can be proud when they Google their names?

Ush Underwood: I thought it would be nice to give them some attention.

SaveMe Oh: Don’t think, your best stupid questions come when you don’t try to think.

Ush Underwood: Neighbour, can you borrow me a cup of sugar?

SaveMe Oh: Now that was again a fine stupid question. Only when I am online dummie, otherwise how can I give you in heavens name a cup of sugar???????

Ush Underwood: Do you really think I always ask dumb questions?

SaveMe Oh: No, they are always very smart but I am too dumb to answer them. But there is no reason to tell that to all my fans who rely on the certainty of fixed rolepatterns.

Now everybody else who has dumb questions, feel free to ask Ush as I am busy.

7 thoughts on “FA dumb Q

    • I’m looking forward to this probably again a very wild and inspiring event! Maybe your alt can join in and you leave cherry at home and drop the: “I dislike all you do attitude” and you will meet a creative bunch of crazy wonderful loving artists, who are are open for interaction, intervention and creativity!
      You are very welcome to join in!

  1. I am only a simple, blonde primgluer – preferably used prims – seldomly speaking out as I am very modest – but now I have to make a comment.

    I love this post. You are the two sides off the same coin but in this case both sides are good… or maybe you are each one end of the very tasty spicy sausage. Anyway I love both of you.

    Excuse a blonde for intrusion. : ))

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