Poisoned By A Pirats Spy

As Newbab Zsigmond and Merlina Rokocoko were too afraid to appear on their own official opening party in the LEA sim that they begged together, they send their spy Floose Serenity to spy on us. And when she realised this was the best PIRATS party ever Newbab and Merlina ordered her to fuck up our chatlog to make us look like pigs. This is what she did, but thank god I know my readers are much smarter than fall for this kind of cheap tricks. I am sure they will laugh out loud about this sad atempt of putting me and my friends looking bad. We really didn’t say this. Word of honour!

Cat Shilova: piss on me maybe?

Cat Shilova: personnally, I dont fuck without somebody piss on me, btw

Rose.Borchovski: piss full on Save is really fun

Znort Gant: (making a piggy sound)

Rose.Borchovski: but piss two nights on a row?

SaveMe Oh: you are allowed to flush it away darling

Cat Shilova: i heard about once a month….

Rose.Borchovski: will give me an septic attack

ush Underwood: rose ,, you dislike septic attack?

Rose.Borchovski: seriously, I have problems, I get flushed, I guess

SaveMe Oh: ask ush her plunger

SaveMe Oh: or use a very old vacuumcleaner

Apmel Goosson: My balls

Rose.Borchovski: I though you were joking but they melted igors balls aswell

Apmel Goosson: if you are all nude I can´t see it yet

SaveMe Oh: all the pee works of the past

Kikas Babenco: apmel the orgy is over

SaveMe Oh: we just dressed again

Kikas Babenco: we are just plunging now

Apmel Goosson: oh shit..my bad luck!

Cat Shilova: yes, we were more than 50 gangbanging

Quan Lavender: hehe, Apmel you missed the best

Quan Lavender: where to fuck and shout?

SaveMe Oh: Newbab denied to offer his official opening

Quan Lavender: Oh Ush, can I use your official opening instead?

Cat Shilova: I piss on all logic

ush Underwood: Quan I see a moving penis

SaveMe Oh: ofcourse

ush Underwood: piss on marma and kikas

Apmel Goosson: don´t pee on kikas

Quan Lavender: Is this your official opening?

Quan Lavender: I say it the German way fotze

Marmaduke Arado: Znort is still znorting on your fotze

SaveMe Oh: did you already cleaned your dick Ampel?

Cat Shilova: lol Marma lul

Marmaduke Arado: znort away Znort!

SaveMe Oh: for the preservatives festivities

Apmel Goosson: they can do more pissing anyway

Cat Shilova: yes, different kind of

ush Underwood: i hear an official silence

Apmel Goosson: what are those yellow sperms?

Cat Shilova: well, exactly yellow sperms

DJHaraway: but the sperms are swimming backwards

Apmel Goosson: dumb sperms

DJHaraway: bad seed

Znort Gant: i am really amazed

SaveMe Oh: you should be znort

Apmel Goosson: somebody fucked me

SaveMe Oh: not in your wallet we hope

Znort Gant: fuck you low quality avatar saveme

SaveMe Oh: later znort

Znort Gant: fuck you

SaveMe Oh: but you have to take your own kleenex

Cat Shilova: a large and interesting vocabulary

Cat Shilova: about 5 words, congrats!

ush Underwood: catch a fucking star

Znort Gant: fuck you

Cat Shilova: this is fucking amusing

Apmel Goosson: ¨musefucking!

Marmaduke Arado: i’m glad there are no znorting stars

SaveMe Oh: I am thinking of pissing him

Cat Shilova: you great soul, Save

SaveMe Oh: Rose loves pissies

Znort Gant: who know you?

Rose.Borchovski: is znort still znorting

Quan Lavender: yes Znort feel free to open up and stay there

Cat Shilova: thats too much for one person

Apmel Goosson: I have ..oops almost forgot my manners

ush Underwood: I try to handle it

SaveMe Oh: A  znort fits nice because the inside is bigger than the outside

ush Underwood: true saveme .. its inside bigger than outside

SaveMe Oh: yes, and znort is outside bigger than the inside

ush Underwood: you learn fast

Apmel Goosson: sounds like mine ush:)

SaveMe Oh: powderpuff

ush Underwood: apmel calls all his balls PIGS

Apmel Goosson: my pigs..oh ush..I get horny when you talk like that

ush Underwood: Eupalinos is fucking the pigs

Apmel Goosson: wash your mouth with soap ush

Rose.Borchovski: I could have guessed Namor is a friend of ampel

Namor Xue: acci…what a balls

Apmel Goosson: did you all noticed I have a tail in the front tonight..with pearls

Rose.Borchovski: oh jecky yess

Apmel Goosson: some ppl can´t tell the difference from right and left..and save not from front and behind

ush Underwood: apmel .. you dont have a red balloon

Apmel Goosson: red ballons are for women ush

ush Underwood: ah

ush Underwood: what a man .. apmel .. he never has red balloons

Rose.Borchovski: Iono?

Rose.Borchovski: Iono, sleep with me later xxx

Iono Allen: tonight Rose?

Quan Lavender: it was not worth the relog

Apmel Goosson: sure it was Quan..for us:)

Quan Lavender: haha, awwww Apmel, you are so charming

ush Underwood: kikas your coco is amazing

Apmel Goosson: maybe you can catch him in bed kandi

Kandinsky Beaumont: i forgot my latex outfit… damn

SaveMe Oh: try make one out of Znort

Cat Shilova: its funny to see Znort transformed in a latex suit!

Apmel Goosson: i´ll puke

Apmel Goosson: omg save peed on me

SaveMe Oh: I piss on ampel

Cat Shilova: oh no, she is pissing again!!

Apmel Goosson: please I´m not into wet sex

Quan Lavender: Apmel step back

SaveMe Oh: only way to get him wet

DJHaraway: I’ll get a mop and bucket

Cat Shilova: dont worry, Znort will clean

SaveMe Oh: he will lick it, so filthy

Quan Lavender: was the leather from a Pirat?

SaveMe Oh: Ampel, are you in the shit now?

Apmel Goosson: you are starting to scare me now save!!

Apmel Goosson: don´t get my balloons dirty

DJHaraway: I guess that’s not a donut then?

DJHaraway: Ampel means “Star”?

Cat Shilova: LOL LUL

Apmel Goosson: Somebody already get stucked in my star

Cat Shilova: LOL LUL

Cat Shilova: he is a star worshipper!!

Kandinsky Beaumont: I thought I could get away from this star shit in here

SaveMe Oh: Kandi stand in the shit too

Apmel Goosson: :))..two times in two days you have been funny now Save

SaveMe Oh: stay close

Quan Lavender: she is royal flusher deep in her heart

Apmel Goosson: let´s puke together klandi,, your place or mine?

Kikas Babenco: I’m a bit confused…

ush Underwood: pissing sells

Apmel Goosson: like I said Kandi let´s go and puke somewhere

ush Underwood: kandi ,, save your money .. one day you can afford one or his cannons and shoot with it yourself

DJHaraway: lol lul

Luce Laval: kikas send me the toilet please :-)))

Luce Laval: pissellissima :-))

Quan Lavender: Ampel has the official opening!

Apmel Goosson: Pirats are pissing in my opening

SaveMe Oh: the one with the holes?

Cat Shilova: yes, Save

Cat Shilova: that was a great opening

Cat Shilova: we are flushed

Luce Laval: Save this is a big plunger for us

Luce Laval: yes i know but this is a weapon

SaveMe Oh: this must be the longest Pirats opening ever

Kikas Babenco: when is the next opening?

Apmel Goosson: my openings gets damaged from all this partying at nights

SaveMe Oh: you all did very well concerning your age

Sololul Mornington: howdy. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: hi sololul

SaveMe Oh: how is your opening after a pirat?

Sololul Mornington: very psychedelic:-)

SaveMe Oh: are you solo or did you also took your wife?

Peraldi Allen: Illegal opening

Peraldi Allen: His ass doesn’t concern Pirats

Peraldi Allen: Good evening Madam Oh

Peraldi Allen: U can call me Mrs Allen if u want ?

SaveMe Oh: I call you peristaltic if you dont mind

SaveMe Oh: easier when throwing up

Apmel Goosson: I preferred shit to these little monsters

Peraldi Allen: u don’t have any right to use a Pirats ass for your private party, you are not welcome in there

DJHaraway: too much anal stimulation

Solo Mornington: so was there supposed to be an official opening here now?

SaveMe Oh: its open, solo

SaveMe Oh: official

Solo Mornington: not yours. 🙂

Kikas Babenco: no, we are just talking…

Solo Mornington: ah ok.

Kikas Babenco: about this great pee party!

Solo Mornington: so I can just enjoy the shit show.

SaveMe Oh: you can enjoy always solo

Solo Mornington: well there are plenty of ways to enjoy things.

Kikas Babenco: so romantic now!

SaveMe Oh: and sweet

Kikas Babenco: and peaceful

Solo Mornington: we’re inside and undercover.

DJHaraway: yes Sololul 🙂

Apmel Goosson: I´m inside again

SaveMe Oh: Im inside Ampels again

Apmel Goosson: THAT EXPLAINS IT!!

DJHaraway: Save I hope you are filming today

Kikas Babenco: that’s dangerous save me!

SaveMe Oh: Piratsporn filmed and LEASLAVES

DJHaraway: oh great

Kikas Babenco: hope the got my best angle…


SaveMe Oh: yes

SaveMe Oh: and your remarks about stars and openings

Apmel Goosson: I will be executed

DJHaraway: we will all testicle in your defense Apmel don’t worry

Apmel Goosson: hehe

Apmel Goosson: as long as they filmed my pearled tail I will die happy

claudia222 Jewell: looks like you have a thing trough your butt?

Solo Mornington: I do. 🙂

DJHaraway: Kikas how do I stop fucking?

DJHaraway: I tried /99stop

Kikas Babenco: Just push Znort

Marmaduke Arado: ciao Znort


4 thoughts on “Poisoned By A Pirats Spy

  1. I solemnly declare that I wasnt there (or maybe totally drunk). I swear it, Your Honor. Cats are too well behaved to tell such horrible things.

    Ms Shilova

  2. Every word save’s is pissing is like a gentle drizzle sun on a warm morning in July. I close my eyes and enjoy it.

    Omgosh: maybe we must get married after all!!!

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