When I Showed And Told Them

Quan Lavender send me to SHOW AND TELL, you have any idea what that is???

Rowanessque Whitewood: are you entering Saveme?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea what this is?

Electronic Mode: this is show and tell

SaveMe Oh: what you want me to show or tell?

Electronic Mode: here you can talk about your drinking problems

SaveMe Oh: my ex husbands?

Rowanessque Whitewood: lmao EM

Eski Howlett: lol

Eolene Uralia: show us your (__|__) then tell us about it. wait you already are showing it?

Electronic Mode: yes and show your ex wives and husbands

Rowanessque Whitewood: :XD Saveme EOLENE come on down lol

SaveMe Oh: I can show my ex husbands

SaveMe Oh: no problem

Eolene Uralia: Rowanessque Whitewood, I really have little to show, I have been doing builds for others

SaveMe Oh: let me see where he is

Eolene Uralia: you arent going first?

Eolene Uralia: you joining in saveme?

Eolene Uralia: I will show my crap

SaveMe Oh: this is my ex husband

SaveMe Oh: Igor Ballyhoo

Rowanessque Whitewood: ok Save me lets hear it for Eo

SaveMe Oh: now what you want to know

Eolene Uralia: well this is big

SaveMe Oh: he was big honey

Eolene Uralia: lol

SaveMe Oh: thats why I loved him

Eolene Uralia: but you know what save me?

Rowanessque Whitewood: Saveme we have a Show to run,

SaveMe Oh: hey, you asked

Miki Xenga: please take a sit SaveMe

Eolene Uralia: you have to enter on the board to be in the contest,you are too late for that

SaveMe Oh: didnt want to interupt of course your great show

Eolene Uralia: and you know what that means?

Miki Xenga: seat*

Eolene Uralia: you dont win any money

Eolene Uralia: so you have to sit

Eolene Uralia: even though your build was great

SaveMe Oh: I dont wan t money

SaveMe Oh: I am already filthy rich

Rowanessque Whitewood: Jokes a joke Save me please leave the stage

Heim Ormenthal: Come n sit by me Saveme

SaveMe Oh: and have no idea what to do with Lindens

Miki Xenga: please take a seat and leave the stage

Miki Xenga: -_-

Electronic Mode: give them to me

Eski Howlett: gimme L* lol

Eolene Uralia: well next time take some pics of your mans huge male member 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I already sit all day

Rowanessque Whitewood ejected you from this land.

Rowanessque Whitewood ejected and banned you from this land.

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.
You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
Cannot enter parcel, you are not on the access list.

10 thoughts on “When I Showed And Told Them

  1. @Cat: Just ask me, it is an old tradition in SL. And it is fun.

    @Save: I feel very honoured that you are such a devoted reader of my posts in my own blog and for MadPea. Sadly I missed your show as I was at a wonderful event where you also has been banned. Too bad! XD

  2. [14:22] Eski Howlett: (Saved Tue Feb 28 23:01:53 2012)copying & pasting conversation to your blog the other day at madpeas is worth an AR but i m being lazy & you re too RL cute :))

  3. Since I no longer work for the Madpeas I feel I owe you an explanation.
    I was advised to ban you by a Mr. H.F and I took his advice.
    Yet when the fall out came later, he gave me no support what so ever.
    I was the person behind the gun who pulled the trigger and banned you, on advice of another. I should have used my own judgement and given you a second chance.
    Very often we do not get second chances, I am now in that all too familiar territory you know so well dear Saveme Oh.
    Ostracised from society for our integrity, our truth and our alts!!!
    Even today I have been accused of sleeping with my alt, laughed my self silly at that one, when I can choose any man in second life for my beau why would I sleep with myself. Prefer Teddy actually but that is another story.

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