You Can’t Be My Friend And HER Friend

Since silly Rose felt deeply in love with me the poor thing is suffering every day the consequences of her deep and unconditional love and passion for me. Lots of former friends already dumped her from their friendslist and when she is invited to party’s they beg her not to bring that awful woman of her.

But the until now as open-minded seen artist Vaneeesa Blaylock exaggerated this behavior to the extreme.

She and her friends started a project with the avatar DJHaraway. Everybody could get the username and inlogcode of this avatar and the purpose of the project was to see what would happen when different people would make use of this avatar.

So I did, I logged in as DJHaraway, changed her screenname in SaveMe Oh, gave her my beautiful shape and one of my beautiful hairs and gave her my pic to use as profilepic. For this service I only charged her 1107 Linden. First they laughed about my move but after I was accused of hacking the project and caused a dozen people the lost of a lot of money and time and then those brave artists start to attack my dear Rose.

Is it because Vaneeesa and I were once married in InWorldz before she dumped me to be in an open relation with Ze Moo, the one eyed bandit who is only able to very very very open relations?

Vaneeesa Blaylock: (Saved Mon Feb 27 09:44:29 2012)You have been ejected from ‘VB Friends’ by Vaneeesa Blaylock.

Rose Borchovski: Vaneeesa, why did you eject me from your group?

Rose Borchovski: I see you also left my friends list, I’m curious what I have done to offend you?

Rose Borchovski: oh and facebook, wow, I must have seriously done something wrong ??

Vaneeesa Blaylock: I need to cut the flow of information to SaveMe, and unfortunately, that means you. Nothing personal, but it is serious. I’ve always come down on the side that SaveMe is an artist not a spammer… but when she steals money from us, I can’t justify her as anything other than self-serving anymore. Sorry. Nothing personal.

Rose Borchovski: Hello Vaneeesa, Thank you for your answer, I’m somewhat shocked about the reason you rejected me. Yes I’m a friend of Save, but I’m very much my own person. Save makes her own plans. Does this mean you reject all the people who you think are friends of SaveMe? According to my memory I have never done you harm, only then supporting your art!

I find this very painful!

(SaveMe confessed after some pressure that Vaneeesa is also an ex-lover,… “sighs” ( I do a lot of sighing these days) ..another “ghost” I have to battle!!

3 thoughts on “You Can’t Be My Friend And HER Friend

  1. Hey Vaneeesa .. i am Rose’s and Saveme’s friend .. so you have to remove me from your list too.

    Always consequent:
    Ush Underwood

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