Spam A Fart

Zena Zemlja spammed the Open This End group with this:

Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit celebrates Leap Day 2012 with 3 Mystical Special Leap Day Offers:

the 29th artwork (counting first wall on the right clockwise) FOR 29L ONLY !!

This means in 2 galleries the fifth artwork on second floor on the middle wall is set to 29L.

In the Poetry Art Gallery the 29th artwork is found on a different wall. Can you find it?

This special offer stands for 29 hours: from 8am slt 29Feb till 1PM 1th of March.

SaveMe Oh: Is this hippie stuff?

SaveMe Oh: and when I pay you blind 29, am I allowed not to buy the garbage?

Eupalinos Ugajin: (kou)

SaveMe Oh: I am in her gallery, omg it’s porn

SaveMe Oh: disguised as poetry

SaveMe Oh: let me share one of the poems with you all, if you like it you can also pay me 29 linden

SaveMe Oh: It’s not

SaveMe Oh: how many times

SaveMe Oh: we fall

Zena Zemlja: can you please be a bit more respectful, I am the founder of Legal Quality Art Galleries in SL, and I have sent the non adult announcement for this group for the non adult galleries that I am allowed to post for in this group

SaveMe Oh: but

SaveMe Oh: how many times

SaveMe Oh: we stand up again

Zena Zemlja: and don’t you dare to infringe on my copyright in this group!

SaveMe Oh: another one

SaveMe Oh: Mother nature

SaveMe Oh: flying through water

Zena Zemlja: I will send a complaint to the groupowner and file a report to Lindenlab as well for defaming my business!

SaveMe Oh: swimming through fire

SaveMe Oh: laws of love

Zena Zemlja: stop quoting my poetry!

SaveMe Oh: mother nature’s desire

SaveMe Oh: burning in earth

SaveMe Oh: walking on air

SaveMe Oh: with you in my fart

Zena Zemlja: eject and banned from my land!

SaveMe Oh: I’ll always be there

Misprint Thursday: In your heart

Misprint Thursday: (rhymes with fart)

Zena Zemlja: you just altered and ridiculed my original poetry

SaveMe Oh: what did I say?

Zena Zemlja: you do not belong in any art group in sl

Eupalinos Ugajin: (tries to stay serious)

Zena Zemlja: so disrespectful

SaveMe Oh: did I say fart???

Zena Zemlja: I will file report on you, to this groupowner and Lindenlab both

Misprint Thursday: Misprint Thursday passes the gasx

SaveMe Oh: thank you Zena, it’s already 2 years ago the Linden banned me

SaveMe Oh: and I could use a short holiday

And you think when I put this on my blog they will me more angry?

Misprint Thursday: they will because your English sucks

Eupalinos Ugajin: (checks if LL plans to buy wordpress)

Zena Zemlja: LL does not have to own LL, WordPress has DMCA procedures themselves, and I will be happy to file a report there too.

SaveMe Oh: you have the adress?

4 thoughts on “Spam A Fart

  1. Epilog:

    [09:42] SaveMe Oh: Misprint, when you say: your english sucks, you have to write english with a capital E
    [09:50] SaveMe Oh: This one is for the freedom of speech:
    [09:51] Zena Zemlja: freedom of speech does not permit you to infringe on copyright of art
    [09:53] SaveMe Oh: I just read you lines to all friend in this group
    [09:54] SaveMe Oh: most of them will have fallen asleep
    [09:55] SaveMe Oh: be happy, you are famous now!
    [09:55] SaveMe Oh: a nobel prize can be in reach

  2. This is where you go wrong SaveMe – your art is not “Legal Quality Art” … sometimes I wish my real face could be visible as I burst out laughing at this stuff!

  3. One time more you did not understand the high value of what you were seeing. Shame on you.
    And burst out laughing with Ed.

    The first time I stepped into SL, I discovered that it was a place where you can show your holidays pics and call them Art. With a big F.

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