Kill Your Neighbours And Party On Their Graves

After I already opened the Pirats LEA sim on my rezday on 23  February the Pirats still wanted to do a second low key opening event for themselves as the French of course need a little privacy under their own kind of people to coucou all night to each other. Were other artists use the LEA sim to create art, Pirats found it necessary to rebuild their concrete bunker with lots of empty walls as there are of course a lot of Melina’s photoshopped live puked color explosions that have to hang on this walls. And all works of course printed on her absolute speciality; THE FRAMEWORK. Pure linen on a frame of first quality virtual wood, all kept together with perfectly spaced real virtual iron nails. Pure candy for the eye.

Now Merlina Rokocoko promised me on 3 march this: ‎5 march will be not the second opening of PiRats, but an opening at the PiRats sim. No need to ban you, because a lot of people told us that they muted you.

But on 4 march the liar or her hubby banned me and so I decided to organise an alternative party at 5 march, THE PIRATS NEXT DOOR PARTY on the neighbouring land of Comet Morgi! I didn’t ask Comet if this was ok but for sure my dear friend Comet wouldn’t have any objection against a party and so we did.

When the boring Pirats party was already on the point of parked avatars falling apart from an overdose coucou-ing I started the Room With A View happening next door. Soon a lot of my friends came to contribute with wild ideas, beautiful interactions in a spring like explosion of creativity. All half dead visitors of the PIRATS sim were in no time glued with their noses on the window from the Concrete Pirats Building to not miss a second from the unexpected event that took place in the lake of their neighbours. You could almost see some cute asses start to wiggle on the flow of the performance, of course hidden as the PIRATS visitors are not allowed to appreciate something else as the well structured and labelled PIRATS (F)art.

The art that is as a dead horse. And owner Merlina says to her dead horse: “tomorrow we will win again a concours hippique”.

The Pirats are already so hostile that they even can’t stand an event next door to them and as real newborn LEA lick every ass disciples they went crying to the LEA Capo di tutti Capi Sasun Steinbeck, an in Guantanamo bay trained protector of freedom who has one button: the ban and eject one. As she will do everything to keep the money flow into the direction of the Linden, especially the money that good willing art lovers brought together with fundraising events like Indiegogo. I would say to all those people; ask your money back unless you want to be a sponsor of virtual concrete!

And what will Merlina say? A part of your attachments were sticking right through one of my beautiful frames…..big deal!

One thought on “Kill Your Neighbours And Party On Their Graves

  1. [08:56] SaveMe Oh: Could you please unban me from all sims who surround the PIRATS sim?
    [11:47] PatriciaAnne Daviau: (Saved Tue Mar 06 19:57:59 2012)I can not

    [08:56] SaveMe Oh: Could you please unban me from all sims who surround the PIRATS sim?
    [11:47] Solo Mornington: (Saved Tue Mar 06 19:59:45 2012)Nope.

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