LEA Guarddog Tough As Virtual Pirats Concrete

SaveMe Oh: Could you please unban me from all sims who surround the PIRATS sim?

Solo Mornington: Nope.

SaveMe Oh: Why?

The LEA Committee in real life, OMG! (Solo Mornington without hat)

Solo Mornington: What I love about this performance of yours is that you define it in such a way that I don’t owe you an explanation. Being banned is your art form; congratulations on your latest opening.

SaveMe Oh: Being banned is not my artform, so you don’t have to congratulate me with it and so it would be nice if you could give me an explanation

Solo Mornington: Listen: If you want to wrap yourself up in the flag of artistic expression, then what you are doing is art. And that means that the act of getting banned for behaving like an ass and then complaining about it is your artform. Congratulations on your latest success.

SaveMe Oh: I am not so interested in your opinions,I just want you to unban me as I asume as the gueardog for the Linden in LEA  you have that power.

Solo Mornington: If you’re not interested in my opinions, then you’re SOL.

Solo Mornington: Because frankly, I’m the closest thing you have to an ally at LEA.

SaveMe Oh: And what if I pay you 10000 linden, dear closest ally I have at LEA?

Solo Mornington: then I’ll be 10k richer. what’s your point?

SaveMe Oh: You give me the impression I have to be nice to you to get my rights.

Solo Mornington: The right to annoy other people when asked nicely not to?

Solo Mornington: The right to negate the hard work of others in pursuit of your selfish performance art?

SaveMe Oh: Nobody asked me anything yesterday and I was in another sim yesterday

SaveMe Oh: Sasun didnt say a word, nor did the pirats

SaveMe Oh: If you can give me the chat were somebody asked me nicely toget lost or to move myself it would be nice

Solo Mornington: If that’s the case, then it’s their mistake.

Solo Mornington: and you’ll have to work it out with them.

SaveMe Oh: Thats the case

SaveMe Oh: I was in Comet Morigi sim

SaveMe Oh: where was nobody

SaveMe Oh: after people came fro the performance

SaveMe Oh: and yes, it was next door to Pirats

SaveMe Oh: is that also forbidden?

Solo Mornington: so building on someone else’s project sim.

Solo Mornington: how rude.

SaveMe Oh: not any building as nobody has building rights there

Solo Mornington: not *now.*

Solo Mornington: but then, yes.

SaveMe Oh: people wear things, just like their hair or shoes

SaveMe Oh: and when Comet had been there and objected it was another situation

SaveMe Oh: but she wasn’t

Solo Mornington: so you view those 50m prims you were wearing before as equivalend to hair.

SaveMe Oh: the sim was empty

Solo Mornington: it wasn’t empty, actually.

Solo Mornington: not that you care about the art that was there.

SaveMe Oh: it doesnt matter if it 50k hair or prims

Solo Mornington: yes it does. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: I thought you know a little about art

SaveMe Oh: cést nést pas un pipe

Solo Mornington: so then your performance at annoying people is your artform.

Solo Mornington: you can’t have it both ways.

SaveMe Oh: I didnt annoy people, nobody has to watch and the concrete virtual walls of PIRATS are thick enough that you dont have to see through

Solo Mornington: hehe…. so then your desire was that no one see your art performance.

SaveMe Oh: The people I invited came for my performance

SaveMe Oh: I didnt invite the PIRATS people

Solo Mornington: unfortunately it was disruptive to the LEA event that was going on.

SaveMe Oh: now there cant be 2 performances next to eachother?

SaveMe Oh: is that what you are saying?

Solo Mornington: I’m saying that if you want to have a performance at the LEA, you need to follow the rules of the LEA.

Solo Mornington: this is very basic stuff.

SaveMe Oh: and when it is disrupted you say something about that, but nobody did

Solo Mornington: take it up with them.

SaveMe Oh: they dont communicate

SaveMe Oh: thats why I asked the 4 LEA guarddogs

Solo Mornington: likewise, you only communicate in complaints.

Solo Mornington: you don’t want to set up anything, just show up and disrupt stuff.

Solo Mornington: and then whine when someone does something about it.

SaveMe Oh: an apologize is more what I expect

SaveMe Oh: for abusing my rights and bullying me

Solo Mornington: you might show a little contrition if that’s what you expect.

Solo Mornington: see, this is where your performance fails. well-adjusted people see you overreach with all that talk about ‘abusing your rights’ and the illusion is shattered.

Solo Mornington: you’ve told me you’re ‘just pixels’ and not really a person.

Solo Mornington: then you demand that you have human rights.

Solo Mornington: I’m intrigued by what you do, but it lacks consistency.

SaveMe Oh: avatar rights will do

Solo Mornington: hehe.

Solo Mornington: you don’t buy your own line on that, do you?

SaveMe Oh: now unban me on the surrounding sims, as Pirats are quite able to do their own dirty work

Solo Mornington: I mean it’s fine for working up the blog readers and stuff, but really… ‘avatar rights?’

SaveMe Oh: since when an artist have to be consitent? It’s better when a guarddog is consistent and be fair

Solo Mornington: well, see there you go. you don’t know the line of shit I put up with keeping you unbanned from lea 5.

Solo Mornington: and keeping your work from being returned.

Solo Mornington: because I believe in the things you pretend to espouse.

Solo Mornington: so knock it off, ok?

Solo Mornington: you don’t get unbanned, because that’s just how it is.

SaveMe Oh: Just say; “ I will see what I can do.

Solo Mornington: If I’m a guarddog, I’m guarding *your* alledged rights.

Solo Mornington: you just have no idea how to appreciate that.

Solo Mornington: coming into IM and trying to bribe me? sheesh.

SaveMe Oh: it was a joke, I only have 406 linden.

10 thoughts on “LEA Guarddog Tough As Virtual Pirats Concrete

  1. I have respect for both SaveMe and Solo. I believe in freedom of speech and expression, but, if one negates the other out of freedom of speech and expression where are we?
    Penumbra Carter

  2. I see alot I like and don’t like in SL, but, so what. I would say that if you want to actually have constructive dialogue, SaveMe. with the people who ban you, then perhaps you should set up a forum , SL talk show, as examples, and start the dialogue you are trying to have with them. I do believe in politeness, as I believe you do too. I think your methods are perplexing at times to some. I will say I have benefited from your input to my endeavors.
    Sincerely Penumbra Carter

    • After I became President of Secondlife I quit politics and now I will only fight for the real art that is still not accepted in Secondlife; the noble art of drama which gives people such a happy life.

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