Sweet Words From My Dear Friend Flora Nordenskiold

My dear friend Flora Nordenskiold who dissapeared so sadly from Secondlife found the time to write some nice words about me on her blog. This are the warm and encouraging words she had for me:

SaveMe Oh deserves her own blog post here. She was someone who put in a lot of energy, enormous effort and careful thought into her Second Life role; she was a performance artist and griefer in Second Life. SaveMe’s work as a performance artist was not remarkable, but sometimes not bad. She was, however, an excellent griefer; brutal, ruthless and feared by many. Some people became her friend simply because they were scared of being ridiculed. I think these individuals genuinely feared her, but were also attention seekers, social butterflies, who rose to pseudo-fame in the company of SaveMe. Others, mostly those who did not know her, would try to stand up to her. These poor individuals were easy targets for SaveMe, who would simply humiliate them until they broke down. Then there was a group of people who genuinely favored her approach and supported her. But most of us found SaveMe irritating and would avoid her like the pest. She was banned from sims on a regular basis for her obnoxious behavior and seemed to thrive on being banned from as many sims as possible. SaveMe distorted people’s chat conversations and posted them on her blog. Predictably, people would be upset and respond and then a griefer dialogue would ensue on her blog, attracting people to read her blog and her monthly blog-clicks would peek. I was griefed by SaveMe Oh on a regular basis and one incident turned into a very difficult situation that went on for days, if not weeks. I learned to ignore her completely then, but it took me a while to get to that point. I predict that SaveMe will comment on this post, either here on this blog or on her own blog, but she may not. If she does, be prepared for some significant bashing, intimidating threats and outrageous lies. I would expect nothing less.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Words From My Dear Friend Flora Nordenskiold

  1. Flora: The witch hunter and ex junky of SL (she is now in rehab) has a short memory and pretends to be sweet , with milk, honey and blue berries!
    She missed out an important category : those who are blinded with love with Saveme and keep sighing!
    “sighs deep”

    • Well, I guess the rehab has already failed. To leave SL and go on speaking about it in such ways that it creates links to what (and whom) you are supposed to ignore once you left…. i hope Flora did not pay too much for this useless cure.

  2. Hello all, my name is Ms Shilova. I come here today to speak openly in front of you all, about the difficulties of my second life.

    Yes, I live in fear. Saveme harasses me with german beds.
    Yes, I seek attention, and hanging around Saveme is a sure way to get some
    Yes, I am deadly scared of being ridiculed by Saveme Oh. Actually, I have been several times, being called Emmentaler cheese.
    Yes, I want fame, even a pseudo one.

    Thanks to Flora, she opened the Pandora’s box which was laying deep inside my heart, weighing like hell. */me bursts out crying*.
    What a relief to dig that out. Flora, you can recycle any time as a life coach. I hire you!

  3. OMG! And SaveMe calls me a blonde! I thought maybe she meant blondes have more fun… now I understand.
    She ridicules me, I am a social butterfly, yes yes I admit, I admit my craving is so superficial, I just wanted that quarter of an hour in my life in the light of fame.
    How could I ever hang around this ppl?

    No of course we have no fun!
    Kikas and Marma are boring, no one is witty, Iono makes boring machinimas, Ed never says a funny thing, Rose is very shallow, ush cannot think independant thought and none of them are fantastic artists at all, Apmel is simply an aged sexmachine and I am just a blonde hangaround…haven´t even got any holes to wash…
    etc etc

    • Don’t worry, Kandi, I am crying with you, now my eyes are open, OUR eyes are open, we can react!
      And if you need some holes, I got plenty, just ask.
      *crying*… this is too much…. *crying more*…….

    • I’m a boring attention seeker social butterfly, distorted bye Save Me till my inner prims, but I have great taste for clothes.
      And why was she banned and not me and my faithful partner who is snorkelling around somewhere?

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