Luckily You Always Have Your Family

SaveMe Oh: Dear sis, can you use your influence to make the LEA committee unban me in half of the LEA sims?

Bryn Oh: dear sis all of a sudden?

SaveMe Oh: yes sweetie, does it work on you?

Bryn Oh: if I had a goldfish memory perhaps it would

Bryn Oh: but I have seen the castle before

SaveMe Oh: Or should I say, help your family now as I have better things to do?

SaveMe Oh: and you too

Bryn Oh: I am merely a builder here

Bryn Oh: I have no power to overturn whatever they did to you

SaveMe Oh: you don’t have to do anything else then to tell them to unban me, that’s all!

SaveMe Oh: will you dear?

Bryn Oh: and why would they listen to me?

SaveMe Oh: You are a LEA (licking every ass)

SaveMe Oh: so please

SaveMe Oh: use your contacts

Bryn Oh: I will see what I can do

SaveMe Oh: you are a dear, you see? Sometimes you won’t believe it yourself!

SaveMe Oh: have some trust in yourself

SaveMe Oh: you can always do more than you think

Bryn Oh: thanks for the pep talk

Bryn Oh: very helpful

SaveMe Oh: yw

SaveMe Oh: what else you have family for?

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