Gathering Of Idiots

When I was entering the sim of Claudia666 Jewel to hear the concert from Ultralight Alter I was killed with IM’s to be nice, how ridiculous it can get?


SaveMe Oh: the way you are welcomed here

claudia222 Jewell: hi

SaveMe Oh: hi 666

claudia222 Jewell: can you please be nice and not rez things? Would be very happy

claudia222 Jewell: 🙂

claudia222 Jewell: yes that’s right

Piedra Lubitsch: lol

claudia222 Jewell: nice people ask gently

SaveMe Oh: Am I allowed to move?

SaveMe Oh: walk?

SaveMe Oh: speak?

Secret Rage: rolls eyes

SaveMe Oh: or is that also forbidden?

claudia222 Jewell: yes sure

Kras Alter: no don’t walk… you might squish a bug

Zachh: Hi SaveMe

Apmel Goosson: hi saveme

SaveMe Oh: is it allowed to stand next to ampel?

SaveMe Oh: and say hello to him?

claudia222 Jewell: always

SaveMe Oh: hi ampel

SaveMe Oh: it’s allowed

SaveMe Oh: to say hi to you

Apmel Goosson: I rather you stand close to me than that spider behind me save


SaveMe Oh: another request I get:

Namor Xue: smackkk

Namor Xue: please… friendly

Namor Xue: do it for me my sweet friend

Namor Xue: I will kiss you

Namor Xue: a lot

claudia222 Jewell: you have many friends


SaveMe Oh: and this one:

VardaSilver Spearsong: please be nice, Claudia is a dear friend to me she means no harm

VardaSilver Spearsong: no cross me we can take this elsewhere and off grid if you like

VardaSilver Spearsong: 😉

Varda Silver: yes I did say that be nice please


SaveMe Oh: what is this stupidity???

Kras Alter: oh it’s the SaveMe show

SaveMe Oh: I come in a place and get all sorts of requests/threats?

Secret Rage: yawns

VardaSilver Spearsong: were just asking you to be nice that’s not a threat dude

SaveMe Oh: why are all those unknown people for me speaking to me in IM?

SaveMe Oh: Will you please stop speaking to me in IM?

SaveMe Oh: It’s really annoying

Zachh: Hi SaveMe

Varda Silver: hi save me

Varda Silver: shhhhhh please

SaveMe Oh: What a welcome, dear Lord

SaveMe Oh: never had such a thing before

SaveMe Oh: Is this a reunion from the old KGB or Stasi or what?

Zachh: SaveMe, this is a concert, UltraViolet is performing, not you

Secret Rage: ty Zachh

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t say a word… and everybody starts speaking to me

SaveMe Oh: Better blame yourself

Lea: Hallo alle:) music ist supper!

Secret Rage whispers: ffs stfu would u>?

Zachh: SaveMe, I heard every word, just stop performing and listen to another performer now

SaveMe Oh: I don’t perform; I didn’t get time to listen as all kind of idiot’s starts speaking to me

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