How SaveMe Turns The World

Also in the Netherlands the long running soap As The World Turns came to an end. Now what else should we do then creating drama out of the pretentious bullshit produced in the so called SL art scene to be a substitute for the lost of good soap opera? When I don’t create drama all visiting avatars are parked at boring openings cou-couing each other for hours and asking “where is the danceball”. You think people would stay more than 5 minutes in the misty crawforests from Cherry Manga or Anley Piers if I didn’t cheer things up? Look what exiting drama can be produced during such an opening:

Cherry Manga: What you talk about? Sorry I don’t get it, maybe I’m not enough clever. Why are you pointing me, am I interesting? I really like to know why I’m one of your targets.

SaveMe Oh: It grows, don’t know why. One day we will be the biggest friends.

Cherry Manga: It hurts. Friendship isn’t about pain.

SaveMe Oh: It hurts in the beginning a little but its incredible sweet in the end.


And when you are forced in a virtual chair by Tyrehl Byk, Velazquez Bonneto and Josina Burgess to stand 2 hours screensaver art of pulsating, rotating particles flip flop diarrhea what could be better than some live drama entertainment like this for example?

Josina Burgess: I kicked Sca out of carp

Josina Burgess: and that was very hard to do

Medora Chevalier: oh? He was always a negative person

Josina Burgess: yes

Medora Chevalier: he was quite anti Juni – used to whip up trouble

Josina Burgess: too much, it made the whole team suffer under his negativvness

Medora Chevalier: whatever you did to try and bring him in

Medora Chevalier: big chip on his shoulder

Medora Chevalier: thinks the world is against him

Josina Burgess: then he brutalized vela, and vela could not work with him anymore

Josina Burgess: then I called the team together and we decided together to let him go

Medora Chevalier: good

Josina Burgess: was hard, because he had many good things as well

Medora Chevalier: he may grow and learn thro it

Josina Burgess: some never learn:)


With Josina during ban times!

Wandering through the boring megalomania buildings of DanCoyote Antonelli, Igor Ballyhoo, Velazquez Bonneto or Newbab Zsigmond where the virtual concrete must be at least reaching the beginning of heaven you get lost in no time. But when there is good drama at hand, the place cheers up, viewers move with their nose to the computer screens to not miss a bit, wouldn’t you have been exited when you were a witness of this conversation?

Igor Ballyhoo: did u see my project there at all?

SaveMe Oh: I only got the object from a fan of yours

Igor Ballyhoo: what object please?

SaveMe Oh: the cunt

Igor Ballyhoo: photo or sculpt?

SaveMe Oh: photo

Igor Ballyhoo: I gave photo to Eden only, but!

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t publish photo, because she got point on one thing

Igor Ballyhoo: I didn’t ask “owner” of cunt to show it in that light

Igor Ballyhoo: and I was not able to do so in short time

Igor Ballyhoo: so

Igor Ballyhoo: I made sculpted vagina and exhibited that

SaveMe Oh: I will keep all your cunts safe

Igor Ballyhoo: Eden Toll gave herself too much importance to say that I listened to her advice because it was bad taste

Igor Ballyhoo: but Eden is not person to say anything about taste to anyone, she will be first time when I see something good made by her…

Igor Ballyhoo: Don’t listen to Eden too much

Igor Ballyhoo: she is quite empty person with big mouth

SaveMe Oh: no, I will listen to you only

Igor Ballyhoo: now, back to two of us, you and me

SaveMe Oh: yes sweetheart?


And what would be absurd in The Labyrinth Of Absurdity from Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Mylo when I didn’t give there a two hour HI performance? First their place is not a labyrinth and second it’s not absurd, it’s just some platforms with glued prims on. But then comes the complete absurdity of the HI performance and the place turns out to be a labyrinth of Absurd madness, that’s almost as good as once was As The World Turns!

SaveMe Oh: or are you still with the old Fiat?

Sowa Mai: how is your gout?

SaveMe Oh: goat?

Sowa Mai: still on the pills?

SaveMe Oh: dead

Banrion Constantine: Too many pills?

Sowa Mai: loosen the bandage

RAG: have a nice fall scottius?

SaveMe Oh: it’s in the back of Aneli’s old fiat

SaveMe Oh: the dead goat

SaveMe Oh: Hi Quan

SaveMe Oh: Hi Patricia

SaveMe Oh: how is Sasun?

SaveMe Oh: and Solo?

Sowa Mai: Sasun is in the Fiat

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