You Can Always Bring Up Adolf Hitler

Some people, like Aruba DeCuir and Elodie Footman feel sometimes the need to bring up Adolf Hitler, Nazi’s and Fascism in relation to a simple different view on things. Why?


Aruba DeCuir: you are NOT welcome here – why try?

SaveMe Oh: Could be you love me?

SaveMe Oh: Miss me?

SaveMe Oh: Adore Me?

Aruba DeCuir: you are the most unwanted person in SL….. fake in all you do…. and rude on top

Aruba DeCuir: just don’t come here

SaveMe Oh: The most loved, sweet as candy!

Aruba DeCuir: I never forget your übermensch ways

SaveMe Oh: Sorry, I don’t speak Swedish

Aruba DeCuir: you have very little knowledge of language

SaveMe Oh: I speak English, Dutch and Japanese, use those languages please.

SaveMe Oh: And not Swedish to fool me

Aruba DeCuir: you know Adolf Hitler…. he had the idea that some people are more than others…..

Aruba DeCuir: übermensch is German….  and oh yes the Japanese and the Nazis….

SaveMe Oh: And what’s your point?

Aruba DeCuir: you forget easy

Aruba DeCuir: you told me to get out of your way as I was a lower being

Aruba DeCuir: and now get out of my life….

SaveMe Oh: I think you were only standing in the way? Not?

SaveMe Oh: Most people move when I ask them to do so

Aruba DeCuir: you where rude beyond all reason – and you know…. it’s your trademark…. and I forbid you to copy/paste/edit my sayings and I forbid you to broadcast them….

SaveMe Oh: Did Adolf Hitler learn you that?

Aruba DeCuir: you are not to treat me as a peon

Aruba DeCuir: you did start the übermensch thing

SaveMe Oh: never did I do that

Aruba DeCuir: and don’t tell me you don’t know German…. Dutch is a low German dialect

Aruba DeCuir: you did yes…. and you know

SaveMe Oh: I never use those words

SaveMe Oh: they are all from you

Aruba DeCuir: a public excuse would be real fine

SaveMe Oh: You really should do that

Aruba DeCuir: you have made my SL one hell for more than a year now

SaveMe Oh: Everybody creates her own hell

Aruba DeCuir: you did what you could

SaveMe Oh: You are quite good at that

SaveMe Oh: You created your own; you don’t need me for that

Aruba DeCuir: why do you even try to come here?

SaveMe Oh: Maybe I can help you out with a nice performance


SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t have hard feelings like you do

Aruba DeCuir: I do not forget

Aruba DeCuir: if you are in doubt ask Betty, she understands

SaveMe Oh: Betty Omo?

5 thoughts on “You Can Always Bring Up Adolf Hitler

  1. Is it age, a slip of the tongue in anger, not being well informed, not being educated, little knowledge about Hitler and what he represents, ignorance or just being utterly stupid?

    I wonder who behaves like an übermensch here.
    Although I think we should not easily make that comparison…. Actually never, because it is grieving, misplaced and certainly misused and abused in this situation.

    And then dutch a low german dialect, since when?

    And I wonder what hell looks like in Sl, but I’m not eager to join Aruba for another year.

    • you do not know what lies before all this….
      SaveMe use my sayings as she see fit
      edit/cut/paste as she likes….

  2. This is not worth spending energy on…
    SaveMe Oh is just a child
    turns all to her best
    and disrespect the rest or the world.
    Why is she so fantastic?
    All she do is to make SL
    a hell for a lot of people.
    …….. Aruba DeCuir

    • Aruba, if you want us to believe you are a woman and black, please don’t use you own name if you send a comment!

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