You Can’t Call Somebody An Idiot After Two Minutes?

A facebook experience:

Hello SaveMe, it’s Antonio Alza – Elros Tuominen here

I sent a friendship offer this morning and you accepted it… just to quit it in two minutes… all it’s ok, but you decided to judge me because you saw a post on my wall… and you decided to call me “idiot” on my own wall…

I mean, you could have accepted and quit, no problem about it, even if you’ve judged me just because you saw that post, without knowing anything about me, without taking a look at anything else.

I’m a person who likes and enjoys creating, and laughing as well, I’ve had enough drama around my life to keep on in a drama mood for the rest of my life, so I just like laughing when I see something funny, and share it…

You could have decided not to look at the post and quit, but I repeat, you decided to call me “idiot” as you can see on your post here: “OMG, I added an idiot as friend. Let me quickly unfriend him before I get all day this stupid items in facebook!”

I am sorry if I offended you with that post, I am sorry if you felt that bad, but I think you shouldn’t have judged me that way, and I think you shouldn’t have called me idot, it was really unkind from you…

don’t you worry, I won’t disturb you again with my “idiot” friendship offers,

have a great day, yours,

Antonio Alza – Elros Tuominen

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Call Somebody An Idiot After Two Minutes?

  1. well, before I am called idiot again and again, and before SaveMe copy and paste my PRIVATE message again on her blog, I’ll do it for her… this is my PRIVATE message I have sent her right now… just because as you seem to know, I am an idiot:

    oh, so you copied and pasted this on your blog… well, now I’ve got a gentle guy calling me idiot as well… don’t take me too serious… but I am feeling offended because I shared my real name with you from my ignorance and trusting you wouldn’t use it… now I think you will use this private message too…

    I sent a private message to you, because I wanted it to be private, but don’t take me too serious…

    Now, have a nice day

    • I really get confused, what is your real name, what not? Mine is SaveMe Oh, or Saveria Melissa as some call me and how private is a message send to an avatar?

      • My name is elros Tuominen in SL antonio in RL, well, and I don’t care about what name I use or not, I mean it’s a person behind the keyboard…

        so, I am sending the private message to the person behind the keyboard, not to the avatar ( I hope and wish someone’s typing there XD ) A message is private, no matter who I am writing to, since I write it via private message 🙂 and sorry my English

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