This Invitation Is NOT For SaveMe Oh

Aruba DeCuir keeps on sending me group invitations for events, but when I go there she doesn’t like it!

SaveMe Oh: What time you want me there?

Aruba DeCuir: you have nothing to do here

SaveMe Oh: visiting you? Don’t be so hostile

Aruba DeCuir: I will file an AR on you. You are banned here as is your army of alts

SaveMe Oh: I am free to walk here outside your ban lines

Aruba DeCuir: you are on private land

SaveMe Oh: so let the owner ban me

SaveMe Oh: maybe your neighbour loves me

Aruba DeCuir: I will let my landlord ban you from all his land

Aruba DeCuir: that is a lot

SaveMe Oh: yes, you could do that

Aruba DeCuir: now get away

SaveMe Oh: I won’t

Aruba DeCuir: He will trust me

SaveMe Oh: I am not a coward like you

Aruba DeCuir: why do you pester my second life?

SaveMe Oh: you send me invitations

SaveMe Oh: I respond

Aruba DeCuir: I do not send you invitations

SaveMe Oh: yes you do in groups

Aruba DeCuir: no …. grow up

SaveMe Oh: when you don’t want me, don’t send it in groups

SaveMe Oh: but only invite your close friends

Aruba DeCuir: you can’t control groups

SaveMe Oh: you don’t have to send messages in groups but you do

Aruba DeCuir: I have to send messages

SaveMe Oh: why?

Aruba DeCuir: and you are not to decide that in any way

SaveMe Oh: I don’t decide anything, but you invite me, so I come

SaveMe Oh: don’t invite me, and I won’t come

Aruba DeCuir: my invitation…. which is more an annoncement is not for you – period

SaveMe Oh: then you should write that in your invitation.

SaveMe Oh: This invitation is NOT for SaveMe Oh

SaveMe Oh: for example

SaveMe Oh: did you make that crab work?

SaveMe Oh: ah and you have Two Fish.

SaveMe Oh: interesting

9 thoughts on “This Invitation Is NOT For SaveMe Oh

  1. SaveMe gets no personal invitations from me
    and she very well knows she is not welcome
    and banned from my land and home.
    Whys she keeps harrassin me I do not know.

  2. And Aruba goes on:
    The 2 times I have made notices here did
    result in harrasment from a well known
    member of this group-
    I have decided to leave this group for this
    reason. (about one of her SL groups)

  3. Comment by Mistress TAO…
    Harrasment of a group member
    Monday,19 Mar 2012 19:58:51 GMT

    I hear that Aruba DeCuir has been attacked by a person
    from this group – a person eho has at least 3 alts in
    this group…. not hard to guess who it is!
    I know Aruba has tried to talk with owners of this
    group – and was muted!
    Members do consider if you wnat to be in a group
    that tolerates this.
    A group that denies that such things goes on!
    I will not tolerate it and I leave.

  4. Crystalship and others in a battle with Aruba:

    BREAKING NEWS! Aruba DeCuir: this is the end of my SL
    Then Aruba DeCuir decided to IM my partner…
    Aruba DeCuir: I understand you liked my art……. ihad to leave your partners group because of SaveMe oh….. your patner has now muted me because I asked her what to do and tried to talk about this
    Aruba DeCuir: my SL is going to pieces
    Siory (siory.koray): Listen Aruba… Sometimes there’s just people who will try to get to you. The best thing to do is to delete, mute and derender them… and ignore them. If you let them get to you, you’re giving power to them. If you ignore them, they will get bored and move on. I personally don’t know SaveMe.. although I do like her. She seemed very nice when I met her once. But… like I said, you can’t always get along with people. The best thing is to move on and have a good time with people who are on the same wave with you. I wish you the best and I hope you will forget about SaveMe.
    Aruba DeCuir: if that is whining…. well the I whine
    Aruba DeCuir: now I have to ban all in that group
    Siory (siory.koray): You do what you need to do.
    Aruba DeCuir: and saveme has been banned here for long
    Aruba DeCuir: because its all started again after I joined your group
    Aruba DeCuir: who can I trust?
    Aruba DeCuir: because its all started again after I joined your group
    Aruba DeCuir: who can I trust?
    Aruba DeCuir: she stood on my neighbors land ysterday
    Aruba DeCuir: camming and spying
    Aruba DeCuir: Rehuls says I will not stand up
    Aruba DeCuir: that is what I have done for a year

    Aruba DeCuir: that is what I have done for a year

    Aruba DeCuir: and what do this saveme do?

    Aruba DeCuir: art?

    Aruba DeCuir: where?

    Aruba DeCuir: she is just beeing mean to anyone who tries to do something nice

    Aruba DeCuir: several people have given up SL because of her

    Aruba DeCuir: dont you people know?

    Siory (siory.koray): Honey, if she spies on you, let her. Be proud of what you do and what you are. Her eyes cannot hurt you. And you if you mute her, her words can’t either. Ignore her.

    Aruba DeCuir: she can influence people and she do

    Aruba DeCuir: your partner just mute me?

    Aruba DeCuir: the usual logic – kict the victim

    Aruba DeCuir: there a dozens placea I cant go because of her

    Siory (siory.koray): My partner doesn’t want any drama. She just wants to run an art group. Anything personal should be just that . personal. We’re simple people. Not from LL. We can’t ban anyone from SL. And we try to give EVERYONE a chance to spread art. Even SaveMe.

    Aruba DeCuir: and all her alts

    Aruba DeCuir: its very noble of you

    Aruba DeCuir: your partner is banned from here

    Siory (siory.koray): Oh well.

    Siory (siory.koray): Oh well.

    Aruba DeCuir: no reason to see people who mute me

    Siory (siory.koray): Take care, Aruba. *hugs

    Siory Koray: [12:49] Aruba DeCuir: this is the end of my SL

    Aruba DeCuir: go on support her

    And then one of her friends (or alts) opened a group chat session in “What’s this art?”…

    Mistress Yao: any comments out there?

    Summer Seale: you mean attacked in chat?

    Mistress Yao: in person

    Mistress Yao: on her own land and in chat and IM

    Summer Seale: ok cuz i never see this chat being used so…

    Mistress Yao: aruba is about to leave SL

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): i’m sorry Yao… but i don’t take crap from somebody who asks me to ban the most active member of this group, please leave and don’t start any drama… PLEASE

    Siory (siory.koray): Isn’t this group about art? Why is all this drama here? If there’s personal issues, keep them personal please.

    Mistress Yao: is that a way to talk

    Mistress Yao: someone tries to hurt and damage all art not done by her self

    Mistress Yao: lag is heavy

    Mistress Yao: and the artists

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): i never started anything… Aruba actually asked me to ban SaveMe from this group and i absolutely won’t… now leave or i’ll take care of that myself

    Mistress Yao: several has left because of her and her antics

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): who cares?!

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): stop

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): stop!

    Siory (siory.koray): If someone bothers you: delete, mute, derender. Easy.

    Mistress Yao: so you loose more members who do care

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): i don’t care about you and Aruba

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): so bye

    Mistress Yao: I could say some bad words

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): i don’t care

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): bye

    Crystalship Rehula: Mistress Yao has been ejected from ‘What’s this art?’ by Crystalship Rehula.

    Are you christian or what?Text45 minutes ago | Tags: drama drama queen harassment saveme oh aruba decuir
    Aruba DeCuir sent out a group notice in my “What’s this art?” group on Second Life:

    Group Notice From: What’s this art?, Aruba DeCuir

    The 2 times I have made notices here did
    result in harrasment from a well known
    member of this group-
    I have decided to leave this group for this

    So I thought I’d ask her what was going on…

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): Harassment? i guess it must be SaveMe Oh then

    Aruba DeCuir: yes as she riuns the SL for others

    Aruba DeCuir: she has now ruined mine for a year

    Aruba DeCuir: you never answered me

    Aruba DeCuir: yes it is SaveMe Oh

    Aruba DeCuir: she has at least 2 more aliases in your group

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): sorry, what was your question?

    CЯYSTΛL (crystalship.rehula): and yes, i know about SaveMe’s alts.. some of them are not hers though

    Aruba DeCuir: I answered yours earlier today

    Aruba DeCuir: but I guess you are a fan of her

    Aruba DeCuir: I have had relative peace for a while

    Aruba DeCuir: but after joining your group she started on me again

    Aruba DeCuir: it hurts me and makes me nervous

    Aruba DeCuir: but then 5 years of SL …..

    Crystalship Rehula: i’m not like a fan of SaveMe but i must admit i kinda like some of her ways… not all though… but my suggestion concerning your issue with her would be that you just mute her and ignore her

    Aruba DeCuir: she has been banned here for long

    Aruba DeCuir: but she flies over

    Crystalship Rehula: she’s actually a good and nice person if you don’t get mad at her actions on SL right away and take time to get to know her

    Aruba DeCuir: or take satnd at my neighbors land and spy/cam on me

    Aruba DeCuir: she is a crininla

    Aruba DeCuir: criminal….. lag

    Aruba DeCuir: and amean person

    Aruba DeCuir: ehy else drive people to leave SL

    Aruba DeCuir: ban her from your groups and all her fans or alts or freinds

    Aruba DeCuir: else she just go on spreading her venom

    Crystalship Rehula: are you christian or what?

    Crystalship Rehula: sorry but i’m not here to listen to whiny people who complain about other people they don’t have the courage to deal with… enjoy and your SL and i’m glad you left my group, you’re muted now

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