And The Rooster Crowed Three Times

chat range: Eddi Decosta (2m)

SaveMe Oh: hey znort

Eddi Decosta: I’m not Znort , ok ..

SaveMe Oh: yes sure

SaveMe Oh: you are znort Gant

Eddi Decosta: no

SaveMe Oh: and Magda

SaveMe Oh: everybody knows it

Eddi Decosta: well, I mute you and I past that to PatriciaAnne

SaveMe Oh: ok, znort


SaveMe Oh: hey znort

Eddi Decosta: hey stop to harass me right?

Eddi Decosta: I’m not Znort

Eddi Decosta: and learn how to read the fucking profile ok?

SaveMe Oh: Is it difficult to play two such different avatars?

Eddi Decosta: read my fucking profile

Eddi Decosta: and stop to harass me

SaveMe Oh: Znort also uses all the time the word fucking, when you don’t want people to catch the link between the two of you, you should not use the word fucking as Eddi!

Eddi Decosta: I’m not Znort, I’m Canadian ..

Eddi Decosta: tu arrête de me harceler maintenant..

SaveMe Oh: I’m not French, thank god!

SaveMe Oh: When you play Znort, you use two avatars at the same moment? One in Phoenix and one in SL viewer?

SaveMe Oh: I can imagine that you get bored testing here all day and go play Znort to have some kicks

And the rooster crowed three times!

10 thoughts on “And The Rooster Crowed Three Times

  1. Znort is back?? Woooooot!! He was missed! And not even back, but back twice!
    /me lit a candle to thanks the Lord Almighty.

  2. I,m not Znort you are crazy or what? just stop to harrass me now or i do what i nedd to do against that, if the first and last warning.

  3. Things are simple: When Znort stays away it was the truth that Eddi was Znort and he don’t want to compromise his Eddi avatar. When it was wrong that Eddi and Znort are the same person Znort will appear again and we will call him Eddi!

  4. Znort Gant: FUCK YOU IDIOT!
    SaveMe Oh: you are to ugly to fuck
    Znort Gant: FUCK YOY anyway low qulity avatar!
    Znort Gant: fuck you moron
    SaveMe Oh: hey Magda, Eddie, you are so quiet?
    Znort Gant: fuck you
    znort Gant: you are a virtual spit, you are scum. fuck you!
    SaveMe Oh: Eddi, how is the testing going?
    Znort Gant:: you are a virtual spit, you are scum. fuck you!
    SaveMe Oh: Eddi, you really get a bad name when you behave like this!
    Znort Gant: put your head in a microwave

  5. people keep thinking I have you on a string:

    Eddi Decosta: hey keep your crazy bitch away from me ok? if she harrasse me again i do what i need to do to stop that right? so just said to ddont disturb me any more ..

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