Instead Your Ghandi Look You Should Wear Your Idi Amin Shape

Last night my artwork LICKING EVERY ASS was in full swing in the LEA sandbox attracting herds of visitors, this morning Hangman Mornington decided it was enough, for sure after a big talk with his bosses Sasun Steinbeck and DanCoyote Antonelli. I got the work returned. So I rezzed it again.

SaveMe Oh: somebody accidentally returned it

Solo Mornington: no accident. 🙂

Solo Mornington: it’s a personal attack against three people.

Solo Mornington: please remove it.

SaveMe Oh: you had a voting?

SaveMe Oh: it’s not against people, it’s against avatars

Solo Mornington: please remove it.

SaveMe Oh: who plays boss here


Solo Mornington warning twice!

Solo Mornington: I said please twice. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: you are the hangman

SaveMe Oh: do your job

SaveMe Oh: you might want to look like Ghandi, it was better you wear an Idi Amin shape

Solo Mornington: I’m telling you: the *reason* it has to go is because it is personal.

SaveMe Oh: No its not, Solo Mornington is not a person; this work is a reflection on dictatorial tendencies in a virtual world.

Solo Mornington: well then it fails on a number of levels.

SaveMe Oh: Again, I am not interested in the opinion of a hangman

SaveMe Oh: It’s my right to say what I want, if you like it or not

SaveMe Oh: I don’t make things in the hope you like it

Solo Mornington: I’m not saying I like or dislike it. I’m saying it fails as a statement.

Solo Mornington: wouldn’t be the first piece around here to fail. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: When an artworks triggers your need to have an opinion it works very well

Solo Mornington: the reason it has to go is because it’s a personal attack.

Solo Mornington: and there are 30,000 other sims where you can go have your opinion.

SaveMe Oh: Art is personal

Solo Mornington: ok, discussion over. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Good thing is you are not a person, so it won’t hurt that much

Solo Mornington: I *am* a person, typing through an avatar.

Solo Mornington: this doesn’t hurt me, but we have rules about personal attacks.

In LEA groupchat:

SaveMe Oh: He is almost killing me

SaveMe Oh: Solo Mornington

SaveMe Oh: the hangman of LEA

SaveMe Oh: when you want to see my work in LEA, be quick

SaveMe Oh: he already returned it once

SaveMe Oh: it’s in the sandbox

SaveMe Oh: He just banned me!

Warp Bubble: I know, let’s all discuss it at length in an inappropriately public forum… that’ll make them change their minds.

SaveMe Oh: If someone wants the banned and returned artwork, please IM me and I will send it to you

Solo Mornington waves.

SaveMe Oh: And feel free to place it in the LEA sandbox yourself, if you dare

Solo Mornington: LEA Art Sandbox has a rule against personal attacks.

SaveMe Oh: Are Solo Mornington. Sasun Steinbeck and DanCoyote Antonelli persons?

Solo Mornington: You have been ejected from ‘LEA Art Sandbox’ by Solo Mornington.

2 thoughts on “Instead Your Ghandi Look You Should Wear Your Idi Amin Shape

  1. Solo is transforming into a pathetic patronizing ‘smiling’ idiot, it is ridiculous how they protect their little LEA empire. Solo’s “person” should once ( when his brain is able to handle it) open a RL newspaper and look at the satirical cartoons and try to understand that there is something like: freedom of expression even when it is personal.

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