An Empty Roundtable

Upon arrival, without saying a word you get banned here, at the private property of Sasun Steinbeck. Nice way to start an open conversation!

Roundtable: Purpose and Approach to Full Sim Art Exhibition


Come join us for a panel discussion on how to create and manage a large-scale artistic exhibit in Second Life. Our panel will be composed of artists and curators with experience in large-scale exhibits at the LEA and elsewhere. If you are interested in doing a large-scale exhibit or interested in learning some new tips, this panel discussion is for you. Some of the information presented will be specific to the LEA Land Grant project, but there will be plenty of information that applies to any large-scale

Date: Friday March 30th
Time: 10am and 6pm PDT
Location: secondlife://Vertigo/90/117/501


One thought on “An Empty Roundtable

  1. [10:57] Apmel Ibbetson: I´m mostly surprised none of SaveMe´s alts turned up
    [10:58] FreeWee Ling: shhh
    [10:58] Solo Mornington: you never know. 🙂
    [10:58] Sasun Steinbeck: she tried and failed just a while ago 🙂
    [10:58] Harter Fall: lol
    [10:58] Sasun Steinbeck: LOL
    [10:58] Sasun Steinbeck: I wanted to thank our esteemed panel for taking the time to be here today, thank you thank you

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