Secret Codes For Sanity Falls

In a miraculous way I got possession of the secret coordinates from the MadPea Combat game Sanity Falls, as I hate games I better share it with the ones who love it.

Eolene Uralia has given you this texture: sanitynumberssmall

SaveMe Oh: and now?

Eolene Uralia: and now what?

SaveMe Oh: the texture you send me?

SaveMe Oh: with your phone numbers

Eolene Uralia: what?

Eolene Uralia: what are you talking about?

SaveMe Oh: you send me a texture

Eolene Uralia: no I didn’t

SaveMe Oh: Eolene Uralia has given you this texture:sanitynumberssmall


Eolene Uralia: oh that was a mistake

Eolene Uralia: if it was sent at all

SaveMe Oh: I got it

Eolene Uralia: it was a trash I meant to send to

Eolene Uralia: well you don’t need it

Eolene Uralia: it is nothing

SaveMe Oh: I will put it on facebook

SaveMe Oh: to ask

SaveMe Oh: if somebody knows

Eolene Uralia: well you can’t, it is illegal first

Eolene Uralia: it was not meant to go to you

Eolene Uralia: and I don’t know how you got it

SaveMe Oh: why, you send it to me

Eolene Uralia: again it was a mistake

SaveMe Oh: is it the secret code?

Eolene Uralia: and you do and there will be a lot of trouble for posting an image without permission

Eolene Uralia: nor permission did I give it to you

SaveMe Oh: you gave it to me

Eolene Uralia: no I didn’t

SaveMe Oh: so now it’s mine

Eolene Uralia: ok SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I have this chatlog to prove it

Eolene Uralia: you are getting really boring

Eolene Uralia: I didn’t send it to you and yes you have the chat log to say

Eolene Uralia: you can not post that

Eolene Uralia: and it was not given to you

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t ask you to send it to me but you did.

Eolene Uralia: so fuck off nope

Eolene Uralia: it was a mistake and never sent it

SaveMe Oh: you don’t have to get hostile

Eolene Uralia: please just let it go

Eolene Uralia: I am tired

SaveMe Oh: you send it, I didn’t ask for it

22 thoughts on “Secret Codes For Sanity Falls

  1. As I already said in IM I don’t find it nice to publish something, what has been accidently sent to you. But it is not a secret, every visitor of the sim can find them 😉
    These numbers has to be found on posters scattered around on the sim and used via the game HUD as explained here:
    That hunt for sure will make you a hunt lover! Read my blog post:

      • Since people are so impatient to be shown on my blog that they already asume their comments are removed and start to behave like crybabies. My hardcore readers know I never remove comments, unless the post says 10000 times FUCK YOU. Then I edit it to, let’s say 10 fuck you’s when the writer is handsome. If he is ugly I bring it back to 1 FUCK YOU.

  2. Thanks for hints, took while to work out but we got through hunt in no time. Actually lag caused us to abandon hunt. Wonder if you approve of your cousin posting on your website.

  3. We wonder why we read all this, and we wonder if we wonder when why we wonder oh and how it feels to have someone wonder about oh

  4. I’m very happy to read that my dear saveme is still keeping people on their toes…without you a sort of nasty sleepy slime could cover the virtual planet and we’d all fall into a self-contented slumber.

    keep up the good work


    • Bravo, Bravo, such lovely words for my cousins cousin twice removed and thence forth or forth hence. Who knows who cares, such shakespearean words a rose by any other name would be just as sweet. Without my cousins cousin Save Me Oh what a dull world it would be.

      • I sense some Solo words in this, he uses the rose thing to many times now, Rose is just Rose, Rose does not need or pretends to be anything else then Rose!

  5. Almost finished the hunt hurrah, the numbers where utterly useless to us, phew. That was a relief, was worried my home number was in there but 070 in stead 253 oops, well any way. It was a great game shame that more people couldn’t enjoy it. Your cousin thanks you for your generous space on your website. It is precious to us. Best wishes Cousin of Cousin

    • My generosity is known by everybody, don’t know why you make such a fuzz about it? Everybody is always welcome to use a little of my stardom when I start to shine.

  6. I must thank you dear Saveme Oh, ever since I banned you from Madpeas Productions Sim I have had nothing but trouble.
    Yet this trouble lead me see the true light of the people I was surrounded by.
    I always knew I was mad, didn’t need to join MadPeas to know that but I didn’t realise how madness exists in other people.
    Its fair to say I banned you on the advice of Mr. H F. an artist who you previously displeased, but I did pull the trigger so I am at fault for that.
    Seeing people in their true light, and how ugly they really where was like a festering pus filled wound that one might throw carbolic on. Yet there is no carbolic in the Peas first aid cupboard and they are allergic to the truth.
    Any way my dear Saveme Oh I thank you for showing me the true light of these people, who will not believe the truth or how tenacious some peas can really be.
    I know that there are sugar peas, sweet peas, rotten peas, I ran an allotment, many peas are small in the pod, some are sweet, others are good for mush and some are rotten to the core.
    Well after the little trick the peas played on you my dear, and got you to provide them with false advertising, and then banned you off their sim, I really do know who my friends are and who are rotten to the core.
    All thanks to you and the revelations you revealed through your experience on Mad Peas Sim.
    But the latest news is that according to Ms E U. I could very well be you Saveme Oh, she believes I have an army of alts and that I am partnered to one of them. I deny nothing, I refute nothing, and its funny how honoured I am that she Ms EU. should consider that I am worthy to be in your shoes Saveme Oh.
    I bless you and wish you well, I know you are a friend of Ms Q L but are your friends, friends or “wolf in sheeps clothing”

    • A lot of difficult questions. I can only say that I am SaveMe Oh, that I know Harter Fall is not to trust, that Quan Lavender writes a lousy blog unless she writes about me and Madame Eolane must be happy that I took the time to give her a spot in my blog. If anyone plays the silly games in Pea or pee on them couldn’t bother me a second. If I opened up your eyes, I can only say, you are not the first. Now stay awake so I don’t have to open them every week!

    • And one more thing, Rowanessque, Saveme Oh Cousin of Cousin and Saveme Oh Cousin. Why not use one alt to write your comments. Using 3 makes it so difficult for my dear readers.

      • :XD completely agree, they where just some fun characters I wanted to explore, but really they are no comparison to you. So rather than try to flatter you with imitation I decided it was time to talk to you as the real me, Row, exblogger for Peas, much despised by Peas, but then I don’t eat Peas and you have to ask why. How does everyone know my alts so well, they must escape from my computer causing great havoc and rampaging through second life. Best wishes Row.

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