To My Dear Ex Inworldz Wife Vaneeesa

When you would do a performance in RL at Trafalgar Square in London tomorrow, I had to know it, book an airplane, hire a container vessel to ship my huge attachments, with the result of arriving a year to late to interfere. You would have done your performance, filmed it and shared it already with your huge crowd of followers of 30 people in the world.

But it was not in RL. It was in a virtual world where people are together with complete different intentions. In the London Sim were we came together some people want to buy a virtual bikini, others want to have anal sex with child avi’s or a horse, some want to get rich by playing Zyngo and others want to be virtual policeman, ruling, ejecting, muting and banning. In your case you want to do a performance but what makes your intention leading at that moment? Why I have to watch on my screen for hours you hanging on poseballs with your friends, what forces me into being a spectator and you the performer? Why I have to watch the bad constructed London walls around the Trafalgar Statue instead of contributing to your performance with beautiful changing environments that wakes your already bored visitors up. In other words, is it not much more exiting and interesting how we can all together create a virtual experience that brings together people from all around the world for some hours to share something before it is poofed into oblivion? When you want it exclusive for yourself, buy a sim, rebuild London, call your friends and film it. When you want it in the open space accept the interaction. (An in my opinion, be incredible proud that you generate interaction or are worthy the personal attention of SaveMe Oh, Aruba Decuir would thank the Lindenlord on her bare knees for so much attention).

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