Wash Your Hands In Omo Like A Jayjay

Why does Betty Tureaud (Betty Omo) invite me to her opening party in the land of the Rising Sun and have me banned at the same time? Is she also one of the JAYJAY’s? The smiling banners? The pope’s who kiss the children. The dictators who serve you champagne before they throw you out of an airplane?

Betty Tureaud has given you this object: Jihad Belt, /8 nuke to use

SaveMe Oh: Last time you gave me a Jihad Belt, but now I’m banned in Danish Visions. So where do I use it?

Betty Tureaud: lol, anywhere you like 😀

SaveMe Oh: did you unban me?

Betty Tureaud: no

SaveMe Oh: and why you hide to me that you are online?

Betty Tureaud: do I?

SaveMe Oh: yes you do

Betty Tureaud: let me see

SaveMe Oh: and the rooster crowed 3 times

Betty Tureaud is Online

SaveMe Oh: you see?

Betty Tureaud: now you can see me again

SaveMe Oh: why you don’t drop me from your friend list if you hate me so much?

Betty Tureaud: I don’t hate you. You know that

SaveMe Oh: You love Ultralight. Not me!

SaveMe Oh: be honest

Betty Tureaud: did you get my easter egg

SaveMe Oh: yes, I will throw it away

Betty Tureaud: why?

SaveMe Oh: why I want an easter egg? So you can wash your hands?

SaveMe Oh: Better unban me

Betty Tureaud: it’s a nice egg

SaveMe Oh: I don’t want gifts from people who ban me

SaveMe Oh: Now unban me or stop pretending to be my friend.

Later that evening:

SaveMe Oh: Can you tell me why I am banned from the region Danish Visions?

Inge Qunhua: yes I can, I had a complaint

SaveMe Oh: and is that complaint so bad that I have to be banned from the region?

Inge Qunhua: I am sorry but it is

SaveMe Oh: Can you unban me because Betty Tureaud invited me for her opening tonight?

Inge Qunhua: please ask Betty to tell me this

Inge Qunhua: 🙂

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