And God Saw That It Was Good

First the Solo God made his wallet & his ass. His ass was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Solo God said, “Let there be asslickers”; and there were asslickers. And the Solo God felt the licking was good and it brought some light in his tunnel of darkness. The Solo God made the asslickers bringing some light in his wallet while they were licking the darkness away. And there was wealth and there was power, one day.

And the Solo God said, ” Let there be a Licking Every Ass (LEA) SIM in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the asslickers from the assholes.”

And the Solo God made a pocket for his wallet on his ass and called it Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day. And the Solo God said, “Let the asslickers gather together around my ass and lick the dry pieces away.” And it was so. And the Solo God saw that it was good.


10 thoughts on “And God Saw That It Was Good

  1. and then, at 15:45 PDT on April 11 2012, God said:

    “If you’re using SL you’re a Linden Lab fan.”

    • You can’t escape it, Marmaduke. If you’re on SL, you’re a colonist for the empire of Linden Lab. Any content you create, from a full-sim build down to just making an alt and saying, “Hello,” is your contribution to their bottom line. Either you’re OK with that or you’re not.

      Similarly, if I comment here, I’m contributing to SaveMe’s discussion of me. Either I’m OK with that or I’m not. Clearly I’m OK with it.

      But as for SaveMe’s post about me as God demanding ass-lickings, that’s the most amazing example of projection I’ve ever seen. I refused to lick her ass, and she sent her minions to berate me as a result. Lookin’ at you, Marmaduke.

      • Now if you could choose to lick the ass of Solo Mornington or SaveMe Oh, what you would choose? My ass is of a natural beauty sending out a sweet smell of inspiring odeurs that opens up minds and demands for direct intimate connections that not only involve the tongue but the whole body and mind.
        When They lick the ass of Solo Mornington they are in deep shit where you can be sure he will sit as long on your face until you pay and surrender.

      • are you a fan of Exxon, Chevron, BP et al, Solo, just because you use their products?

        “she sent her minions”

        she did? i thought we’d decided to do this out of our own free will and that she knew nothing about it until we informed the group.

      • (about the God business) it’s you who are making yourself a target for satire Solo, by making yourself the face of the Linden Labs feudal lords.
        And I recall reading in history books about one certain Rosa Parks who broke the TOS of her time.

  2. Okay I admit:
    “I use SL and I’m a fan of it”.
    (red face, little drips of sweet on my forhead)
    It gave me an extraordinary tool to create and a wonderful world to meet.

    Of course we are fan, more then that, we are loud supporters.
    At least I am!!
    But when you use something, you do not loose the right (at least not in a free democratic world) to criticize it as well.

    I do regret Philip left and with him a warm heart for the Arts.
    The Linden are washing their hands and have thrown some sims at the art community (cluttered together: first big mistake, always the blinking rotating prims in the corner of your eyes from the neighbour, no possibility to create your own environment) and left them in the hands of some (not all) not capable volunteers, who like to power play and have no vision.

    Lindens I’m sorry to say but shame on you.
    How is it possible you let it come this far, that we have to battle people like Solo Mornington (he is just a poor example).
    That you do not take your art community seriously and cherish it.
    We need to be independent, as artists we cannot fly on the wings of a group of judging volunteers.
    The tier price makes it to expensive for artists or curators to have a virtual art environment with our own conditions.
    Please make it possible we can be boss ourselves again.

    • Standing applauses to this.
      (written by another absolute SL fan, wiping sweat off her forehead)

    • “But when you use something, you do not loose the right (at least not in a free democratic world) to criticize it as well.”

      exactly Rose. I’d go further, and say you have an obligation to criticize it, that’s how things improve. Feudalism and slavery worked too and we’d still be stuck with them were not for its “critics”.

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