Dead Cat Singing And Parked Elephant Trunks

It should have been an opening for Claudia 666 but nobody noticed the mesh mess of poor Claudia. Because when you see an angel like doll with wings once you saw them all. If they only would explode, fuck a unicorn or vomit a dwarf you could get exited but butterflies around a mesh face????? Sigh! And to get more comatose they invited ColeMarie Soleil to sing, or moan. The Carla Bruni of secondlife, as my dear friend Cat Shilova calls her did not sing actually. She played for us the rare tracks that were never released and nobody had ever heard. As if anybody had heard her released tracks. My suggestion is to mix Coma, Ultralight Alter and Junivers Stockholm in a track that lasts for days, let Betty Omo fart some colors with it and make Tyrehl Byk explode everything in a particle that goes pathfinding the corners of the virtual universe and get lost forever. Anyway it was an hour of rainy sounds, dead cat moaning about the lost of this and that, that made all viewers longer for a quick dead although CoMa’s fine particle show made Tyrehl green of jealousy and making it harder for him to die. How lucky were my friends who couldn’t enter because the sim was full.

I decided it was better to see once more the Dutch contribution to the Eurovision songcontest, Joan. So I rezzed my cozy room and my TV set and let the others enjoy their CoMa.

Then my happy gay brother JoaoPedro Oh TP-ed me once more in into a nude male party.

I won a free sex sofa for the best ass (I was wearing my Zola Zhun LEA ass licking tutu) and gave the sofa away to my happy gay brother JoaoPedro Oh as he has better use for it than me and I won a free lightbox made by the idiot Regi Yifu (who reported me last time to the Linden) which I returned immediately to sender as I hate bling bling made  by screaming dramaqueens (now don’t compare me with this guy in your comment, I don’t make bling bling).

But the nude male party mostly made me understand why the Spanish king Juan Carlos went to Botswana to hunt elephants, as the ugliness of the swinging trunks in your face makes you trigger-happy.

Actually there was only one mysterious guy quite different and it was not my brother JoaoPedro.

Regi Yifu: foolish girl, not to mention rude

SaveMe Oh: wait till you see a real picture device

Regi Yifu: I would love you to show me one

Regi Yifu: I have not seen anything good come from you

SaveMe Oh: they ban me if i do

SaveMe Oh: those trunkswingers

Regi Yifu: well your basically a greifer

SaveMe Oh: griefer

Regi Yifu: yes, see you know

SaveMe Oh: learn to write

SaveMe Oh: but im not

Regi Yifu: yes you are

SaveMe Oh: I enlighten boring events

Regi Yifu: its not the first time I dealt with your drama

SaveMe Oh: i wake up parked avatars

Regi Yifu: its not your job

SaveMe Oh: yes it is

Regi Yifu: nobody asked you for help

SaveMe Oh: those poor bastards standing there parked in the water all night

SaveMe Oh: they need some exitement

Regi Yifu: just cause you don’t understand people does not mean you need to be rude

SaveMe Oh: I understand them the best

Regi Yifu: no you don’t

SaveMe Oh: thats why I save them

SaveMe Oh: from another boring night

Regi Yifu: you need to up your meds honey

Ty Yifu: how are ya Save 🙂
Ty Yifu: i know your on your talking to my husband
Ty Yifu: he is much nicer than me so your smart to not answer 🙂
Ty Yifu: oh save me come on now…..
Ty Yifu: put THIS on your stupid ass blog….leave my man alone you fucking cunt!

3 thoughts on “Dead Cat Singing And Parked Elephant Trunks

  1. About Carla Bruni, I meant it as a compliment, of course. Who wouldnt be proud to be compared with an exceptionnal ex-top model, who really had such a fullfilling life and self-achievement? I so deny any responsability for further misunderstandings about this topic.

  2. You are at times very amusing. I prefer your comments, to copying what people say in their IMs or Chats because quite often they chat drivel, or Mr. Chat Lag himself makes it sound like Drivel. But when you write down your own thoughts you are amazing, and I am not being sarcastic at all. I love the part where you said “Anyway it was an hour of rainy sounds, dead cat moaning about the lost of this and that, that made all viewers longer for a quick dead”. So funny SavemeOh. the gay pool party is a scream I love the way all men in SL wave around the same sized male members, and their bodies look like BradPitt or TomCruise gone wrong! Gay or Not, male members are all the same in SL yet to see one sparkle though, perhaps the creators of the SL penis need to add particles, or bling for an Edward Cullenesque sparkle! when they erect or something.

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