Side Effects Of Banning SaveMe Oh To Watch For

Banning is strong medicine. As with any strong medicine, potentially harmful side effects may occur. SaveMe Oh is more susceptible than others to side effects.

Some side effects to watch for:

Lying, sneaking, deceit, blaming others. SaveMe Oh might eventually learn to avoid getting caught.

Lack of responsibility. Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess sometimes try to teach SaveMe Oh to be responsible for her behavior by serving the ban. Being responsible for your behavior means making things right, not serving a ban.

Don’t trust sim and gallery owners. When SaveMe Oh is not sure she did the right thing, she will normally come to sim and gallery owners for advice, unless she fear she will be banned.

See authority figures as adversaries. Banning tends to make adversaries of authority figures. SaveMe does not readily learn healthy values from adversaries.

Lack of empathy, remorse, or guilt. Banning does not teach SaveMe Oh empathy, which is necessary for remorse and guilt. Moreover, it tends to relieve guilt.

Resentment and anger. SaveMe Oh often feel hurt and misunderstood when she has been banned and become resentful and angry.

Retaliation and aggression. SaveMe Oh learns by watching us. When we ban, she sometimes learn to hurt others when she feels hurt in some way.

Rebellion. Traditional banning involves power and control. SaveMe Oh tends to rebel against power and attempts to control her.

Emotional problems. When SaveMe Oh gets angry and misbehaves, she sometimes believes that she is being banned for being angry rather than for misbehaving. When SaveMe Oh believes that being angry is wrong, she feels that she deserves to be banned. Then her misbehavior does not feel wrong.

Poor self-image. SaveMe Oh tend to see herself through the eyes of others.  Knowing that Solo Mornington, DanCoyote Antonelli, Georg Janick, Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Flora Nordenskiold, Jayjay Zifanwe and Josina Burgess think she deserves to be banned can be very damaging.

Loss of confidence and motivation. SaveMe Oh who is banned sometimes feels she can’t do anything right and don’t try.

Impulsive behavior.

When sim and gallery owners teach SaveMe Oh to behave to avoid banning, SaveMe Oh sometimes believes that the only reason to behave is to avoid banning. SaveMe loses sight of other reasons to behave well, such as the approval of her future wife Rose Borchovski, having minions and acolytes who like and trust her, being safe and healthy, or getting an education. In situations where SaveMe Oh cannot get caught or banned, she has only her impulses to guide her.

These are the very behaviors presented by SaveMe Oh. Why would we resort to a strategy that may make her behavior worse? It is not necessary to ban her for every time she misbehaves, and it is rarely necessary to ban her at all. It is often necessary to teach SaveMe Oh. Better use strategies to teach SaveMe Oh about feelings, values, and responsibility.

6 thoughts on “Side Effects Of Banning SaveMe Oh To Watch For

  1. Ever heard of the “Self Fulfilling Prophecy” give “SavemeOh” a bad name and it sticks, and bad behaviour prevails once more. Give SavemeOh the benefit of the doubt or a second chance to make good and we might discover that beyond prickling thorns there is a rose as sweet scented as any other rose.

    The point is, that everyone of us, myself included can be wrongly accused or labelled as bad, misbehaved, ruined. I to I felt the double edged sword of ejection and rejection from those whom I thought were friends.
    No I do not look for sympathy.

    What I am trying to say is that when we speak out about something being wrong we are judged incorrectly as trouble and ostracised or bullied until we live or speak out about being bullied and are then labelled as trouble and eventually we just leave quietly, tearfully and silently, hurt and dejected misjudged and unloved.

    Why for speaking out about something that is important to us. Loyalty matters to me, Art, good art matters to Save me Oh and when SavemeOh speaks out he/she is rejected and banned.

    Written by the Queen of Drama for speaking out the truth, being loyal and committed to fair play for all.

  2. It´s not (only) Save Me that needs a lesson, I think everyone is learning something with this…

  3. Well it taught me a good lesson be your own boss, make your own decisions, don’t follow sheep and do what they ask you to do. I know I did wrong to Saveme Oh, I know I monopolise her comments all to often, in an effort to show support to someone who has been wronged by so many. But yes Saveme Oh taught me some very good lessons.

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