Things You Don’t Do In Italy

When you enter a typical virtual Italian piazza in Lost Town – La Città Perduta where there is a virtual piano on a stage and the Japanese artists who should be performing isn’t there yet, you don’t sit on the piano stool and start playing virtual piano. When after a while the Japanese artist, who doesn’t play piano at all but produces some kind of watery Indian carpet new age sounds want to sit at the virtual piano you don’t stay sitting there. When the Japanese artist starts anyway you shouldn’t start discussion with Cherry Manga, who is floating on a hippie carpet, about how ridiculous it is that when there is no piano music played, that a virtual artist has to sit on a stage behind a piano. You also shouldn’t bring up the fact that you are hundred times more beautiful, if not to say from an extreme natural beauty, than the Japanese artist, who looks grubby and has bad blue hair.

You also don’t start, when you are still sitting at his piano, with floating particles who really add to the already created atmosphere, nor do you wear beautiful floating backgrounds that make big accents and contribute huge on the produced watery music.

When you are ejected by the Italian simowner you don’t come back every time to start again. Certainly you don’t start to perform epileptic and falling animations in wheelchairs that might annoy some Italian viewers who think it is not done to make fun about epileptic attacks. Do they btw know that ejecting somebody is also a kind of epileptic attack?

When the concert is finished at the virtual Italian piazza and the audience starts to wake up you shouldn’t perform suicide animations between the half dead audience as this might annoy them too, also you should not play animations with attached airplanes around another boring (F)artwork of Nessuno Myoo, which is a crashing airplane btw.

When you are ejected 10 times by the simowner and they tried to get you away with following noobs who should shoot you in space you should not return to the central piazza where is nobody left and start to wear your huge rooms which could be an incredible joy for returning viewers and then you should not be surprised when the Italian sim owner finally bans you and make the Lost Town really loses something, the free interaction between people, the joy of challenging each other and the goal to break through the stupid barriers of recreating reality.

In virtual Italy you should not try to discover new ways of using art, creating exclusive virtual content, no, you should sit on a piazza that looks like rl and look to a piano and a player who are not playing at all.

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