What Solo Mornington Soon Will Say

My fellow Americans,

With proud I accept the offer from the Linden to stay in power forever as I know it is based on their appreciation of how I handle things.

Under my responsibility the LEA sims are in a permanent state of high activity where obeying artists work their ass off for the benefit of the Linden without complaining.

Also the way I handled the disgusting situation with the troll SaveMe Oh, who terrorizes the grid now already for over more than 5 years is a reason for the Linden to keep me in power for as long as my second life lasts.

How did I tackle the SaveMe Oh problem? First you keep DanCoyote Antonelli, who owns the sims for the Linden and Sasus Steinbeck, who kills for the Linden stay out of sight so they can do their dirty work unnoticed, secondly you drop 2 complete fools like PatriciaAnne Daviau and Eddi Decosta (who may play once in a while the troll Znort Gant himself) in the sim to hand out the recipe of blueberry cheesecake when somebody asks them a reasonable question.

And SaveMe Oh you just ban forever knowing that her silly minions and acolytes will start to cry and moan. But my fellow Americans, where do they cry and moan? Precisely, they do it in our sim every night so that is a guarantee for a high visitor’s level what is exactly what the Linden want. In a way is banning the troll SaveMe Oh also an endowment for the arts as we all know that the childish SaveMe Oh will do everything to fight the ban, resulting in the production of a high number of alts, projects, movies and artworks. In that way you almost can call me the muse of SaveMe Oh. When I would not ban her she would all day sitting on a chair with that art snob Rose Borchovski, looking in each others eyes saying “honneponnetje”, “schatteboutje” and “suikerhartje” against each other.

Now, because of me we create a furious SaveMe Oh, Rose Borchovski, Marmaduke Arado, Kikas Babenco, Kandinsky Beaumont, Cat Shilova, Larkworthy Antfarm and Ziki Questi or whaterver the names may be of this sad bunch of people, and they create, and create, and create. Doing exactly what I want them to do, artists who promote the Linden.

Of course I know that SaveMe has already an army of new alts spying around in LEA as she is to curious to stay away but that is fine with me because I know, when visitors numbers will drop again, I will ban every alt of her until visitors numbers will rise again. Because we all know that people who pay for Secondlife don’t come for the watercolors of Josina Burgess, the who is afraid of purple, orange and yellow of Betty Omo or the particlefarts of Tyrehl Byk, they come for good drama. Created by me, Solo Mornington. But to make it more simple, you all may call me GOD.

4 thoughts on “What Solo Mornington Soon Will Say

  1. “Doing exactly what I want them to do, artists who promote the Linden.”

    not forgetting, Solo, that artists actually have to pay the Linden to promote him (in upload fees for images/textures, poses, sculpties and meshes they create). So Rhett Linden’s immortal quote “Art is such good free marketing for Linden Labs” is not correct, it should read something like “Artists pay for the privilege of doing good marketing for Linden Labs”.

  2. His inaugural speech will make Saveme Oh a household well a simhold name. who is Saveme Oh? they will ask, Mornington’s thorn they will reply. Very well written and a jolly good laugh. Thanks Saveme Oh.
    would you please let Solo know that there are many other nations who pay and play second life. lol

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