Ginette Pinazzo And The Concrete LEA Wall

Ginette Pinazzo: just checking in to see how my favorite artiste is doing these days

SaveMe Oh: your favorite artist is just back from holidays

SaveMe Oh: could you wait that long?

Ginette Pinazzo: I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blog w/ fascination

Ginette Pinazzo: a lot of very funny stuff

Ginette Pinazzo: (and some serious stuff too)

SaveMe Oh: welcome in a sick world

Ginette Pinazzo: I know it!

Ginette Pinazzo: can I ask you a slightly serious question?

SaveMe Oh: yes, when it’s a good question I might answer it serious

Ginette Pinazzo: ok

Ginette Pinazzo: if you had to point your finger towards the very first moment….the very first incident or revelation…..that helped define your feelings about the LEA, what would that be?

Ginette Pinazzo: I am asking for personal reasons………(I have my own issues with LEA)

SaveMe Oh: The real problem started when I performed in the sim of Moti, next to the Pirats sim

Ginette Pinazzo: that was not too long ago, no?

SaveMe Oh: before that there were mild battles

SaveMe Oh: nothing serious

Ginette Pinazzo: battles? Really?

SaveMe Oh: with DanCoyote I already battle for years

Ginette Pinazzo: oh..hahaha…that can’t surprise me

Ginette Pinazzo: the LEA curmudgeon I call him

SaveMe Oh: and LEA is nothing new

SaveMe Oh: the history is repeating

SaveMe Oh: same happened in CARP

SaveMe Oh: UWA



Ginette Pinazzo: I have developed a simple theory…..

Ginette Pinazzo: it’s what I call SL’s middle management…..

Ginette Pinazzo: below the MM its fine….everyday people having everyday lives…..

Ginette Pinazzo: above the MM is the usual clueless LL

SaveMe Oh: self employed MM

Ginette Pinazzo: but once you encounter that MM………

Ginette Pinazzo: that layer of self-appointed self0important residents

Ginette Pinazzo: there are many nice people in the MM

Ginette Pinazzo: but there are those baaaaaaad apples

Ginette Pinazzo: so I understand part of your perspective, I think

Ginette Pinazzo: hey are you applying for free space at SL9B, by any chance?

SaveMe Oh: I never apply for this bullshit

SaveMe Oh: I can do what I want wherever I want

Ginette Pinazzo: hey you never know….it’s not an LL event anymore

SaveMe Oh: I am a free artist

Ginette Pinazzo: SL9B is free….in a lot of ways now

SaveMe Oh: I don’t need spaces

SaveMe Oh: such an old concept

Ginette Pinazzo: hahah……a rebel until the end..I do understand

SaveMe Oh: I can wear everything

SaveMe Oh: why I want a space?

Ginette Pinazzo: true

SaveMe Oh: But if you are in need you always can invite me

Ginette Pinazzo: ok

Ginette Pinazzo: depends on how the witch hunt at LEA goes today (I seem to be on trial)

Ginette Pinazzo: they are setting the fire now

SaveMe Oh: although in LEA I am still banned

Ginette Pinazzo: a Woman with a mind of her own tends to attract firewood

SaveMe Oh: they don’t like that at LEA

SaveMe Oh: If I have to beat them up tell me

Ginette Pinazzo: hahah if they are still left alive after I beat them, Ill le you know

SaveMe Oh: Dan is a bastard, Solo is a bastard and Sasun a bitch

SaveMe Oh: so good luck

SaveMe Oh: only Dekka is ok, but never there

Ginette Pinazzo: my issues with them are somewhat serious…….professional ethics, discrimination, disenfranchisement……..I honestly have worked extremely hard to help the place (and I’ve carried much of the weight…..)…….but if they fire me, I will go very public…….I do hope it can be turned around, though…I have to try, at least

Ginette Pinazzo: so let’s see how it goes today

SaveMe Oh: wear a good helmet if they already have the firing squad ready

Ginette Pinazzo: they will have to fire me…I want them to FEEL it….I won’t resign

SaveMe Oh: they can’t beat art, that why we win in the end

Ginette Pinazzo: of course

Ginette Pinazzo: and if they fire me, they will just implode themselves…’s at a breaking point

SaveMe Oh: When I had my other battles in art sims it was always about content

SaveMe Oh: and then the police

Ginette Pinazzo: this is one reason I wanted to talk w/ you…to see how genuine you’re feelings were about the corruption………nothing can’t be fixed with good intentions………I just wanted more context

SaveMe Oh: in LEA its only police

Ginette Pinazzo: I think it’s even dumber than that

Ginette Pinazzo: its simple mongers power-mongers

Ginette Pinazzo: it’s the ‘old guard’ (3 people) and the majority who are nice, new people with insights and progress in mind

SaveMe Oh: yes, that’s so strange in LEA

SaveMe Oh: no vision

Ginette Pinazzo: most in LEA are good…have vision…..youthful aspirations……..understanding of what it takes to become more inclusive

Ginette Pinazzo: but they are perpetually blocked by a few micromanagers who seems to like their own words a bit too much

SaveMe Oh: some are living there permanent and think the place is theirs

Ginette Pinazzo: LL has tried to get more people and fresh voices into LEA… will be a test to see if that succeeds…or will the trinity of fools win

SaveMe Oh: now be a nice girl and give me the chat log after

SaveMe Oh: haha

Ginette Pinazzo: hahah are you kidding?

SaveMe Oh: of course not

SaveMe Oh: drama is the highest art

Ginette Pinazzo: these people asked me to LEAVE a meeting recently…so they could talk about me….and THEN even they wouldn’t give ME a chat log

SaveMe Oh: and not that silly primglueing

Ginette Pinazzo: trust me, if they fire me, you’ll get the exclusive interview of a lifetime

SaveMe Oh: deal

Ginette Pinazzo: if they don’t, LEA will become a better place you won’t hate anymore

SaveMe Oh: and when you don’t give it me I will invent the story myself

Ginette Pinazzo: haha

SaveMe Oh: And I don’t hate LEA

Ginette Pinazzo: actually, I’m pretty transparent……my material is everywhere…won’t be hard to research

SaveMe Oh: it’s giving a lot of inspiration

Ginette Pinazzo: though I heard some of those bloggers are just too lazy to do any research

SaveMe Oh: I never research, or I get it or I invent it

Ginette Pinazzo: so right now, I am basically being targeted by the trinity: DC, Sasun and Solo

SaveMe Oh: they are the idiots

SaveMe Oh: I don’t understand their goal

SaveMe Oh: Dan’s I understand

Ginette Pinazzo: and Sasun resigned, blaming me for everything, probably including the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, who knows

SaveMe Oh: Dan wants free building space

Ginette Pinazzo: Dan is an outdated and irrelevant hippie…..somehow tolerated

SaveMe Oh: and a direct connection to LL

SaveMe Oh: the other 2 are a mystery to me

Ginette Pinazzo: sure….LL seems to trust the worst of the lot….interesting irony, eh?

SaveMe Oh: they must have nothing better to do

Ginette Pinazzo: actually sasun tries very hard…and has done good work….but gets blinded sometimes when the chaos starts……..her intentions are good…….but she slips when things get rocky

Ginette Pinazzo: solo is just a mess….no comments until later

Ginette Pinazzo: let’s see how today goes

SaveMe Oh: Sasun banned me and never speaks with me

SaveMe Oh: end of contact

SaveMe Oh: easy, isn’t it?

Ginette Pinazzo: yeah..I know what you mean

Ginette Pinazzo: ok…here’s my interpretation, based on the little I saw…PLDS tell me if I am close…………

SaveMe Oh: try me

Ginette Pinazzo: LEA is a buraucracy of sorts……as such; it should expect to be lampooned…….

Ginette Pinazzo: I would expect it

Ginette Pinazzo: so….

Ginette Pinazzo: you lampoon it, protest it, etc….as it often deserves……

Ginette Pinazzo: the Trinity of LEA are not used to this stuff…….

Ginette Pinazzo: they overact……

Ginette Pinazzo: you create those 3 statues…..

SaveMe Oh: and now they are famous

Ginette Pinazzo: (which really, who even would get the reference from the general public about those…)

SaveMe Oh: nobody

Ginette Pinazzo: so solo sees the statues and cant laugh…he takes it TOO serious,

SaveMe Oh: but in their important self images they think the entire world will see it

Ginette Pinazzo: so they overreact and make themselves ten times worse as burocrats

Ginette Pinazzo: solo should have just laughed those statues off

Ginette Pinazzo: he actually made it personal

SaveMe Oh: they show perfect how dictatorships work

Ginette Pinazzo: when true professional would have just laughed it off

Ginette Pinazzo: did any of the content truly break TOS or CS? (Honestly?) I am not sure

Ginette Pinazzo: if it did, they simply could have reported you and left it at that

Ginette Pinazzo: I won’t get into. it…but let’s assume for a moment I am ‘famous’ enough to have a public image……I expect some press or lampooning…it goes with the territory

Ginette Pinazzo: I’d prefer to have you as my friend than enemy

Ginette Pinazzo: and I mean that sincerely, not as some type of strategy

SaveMe Oh: My friends never have me as enemy

Ginette Pinazzo: yay…good

SaveMe Oh: they only are sometimes angry with me

SaveMe Oh: that’s all

SaveMe Oh: And the TOS I use as toilet paper

Ginette Pinazzo: haha

Ginette Pinazzo: nice chatting w/ you…I am off to the burning

Ginette Pinazzo: I may become very depressed afterwards…or not….it depends

Ginette Pinazzo: but it’s been nice talking

Ginette Pinazzo: if things do go very badly…..remember me kindly

SaveMe Oh: I will remind you on my blog, I promise

9 thoughts on “Ginette Pinazzo And The Concrete LEA Wall

  1. The Trinity: The first atomic bomb

    Robert Oppenheimers Quote (“the father of the atomic bomb”:
    “We knew the world would not be the same. Few people laughed, few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu is trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty and to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”

  2. This is a very refreshing talk. I have been so much consistanly angry (yesssss…) about the way our claims about SaveMe’s ban were always instantly filed by God and related without the slightest serious and objective look at it… Good to hear that some people think the same about the obtuse minds.

    And obtuse minds create obtuse (virtual) worlds.

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