Insecticide, Giant Trashcans And A Dead Avatar

When the free the avatar group performed the Save Me Save You protests in the LEA sandbox against the dictatorial way some self acclaimed middle management idiots assume to have to use (abuse) their power we were surprised with the mean and low interference of Kev Sweetwater, LEA advisor. He thought it was funny to place giant trash bins around our creations and placed prominent a can of insecticide in the middle of our work to let us know that the best way they could deal with us was to terminate and destroy us like cockroaches.

Now Kev Sweetwater is dead at the age of 35 and lots of people are sad about the lost. I don’t know the person behind the avatar but as an avatar he was an incredible asshole about who I don’t have anything good to say. Hope he was a better person in real!

3 thoughts on “Insecticide, Giant Trashcans And A Dead Avatar

  1. I never met him as an avatar, except in this indirect way at LEA, which was not very nice for us. I suspect, tho, that this person could have been depressed, or not at ease with himself or in his situation. This is a free deduction made after reading his blog. Whoever Kev could be in his rl or sl, I cant be else than sad for his family and friends.

    • I never met his avatar either Cat (and I don’t think anyone else of the group did); all I know of him is the “art” he placed at the sandbox (and SaveMe didn’t mention the giant boot stomping the protest).

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