Linden Forces Them To Lick For A Bone

SaveMe Oh: Ginette out, DanCoyote out, Dekka out, Sasun out and dictator Solo still the boss

SaveMe Oh: Who still supports still the idiots who rule LEA?

SaveMe Oh: hands please

SaveMe Oh: Dont say after: wir haben es nicht gewust

Eifachfilm Vacirca: my hand is busy masturbating

SaveMe Oh: use your other hand

SaveMe Oh: Hey Elise Linden, do something about the clowns you put in charge here

SaveMe Oh: or is this the ass licking united group?

SaveMe Oh: not ready yet Eif??? My god, are you slow

Eifachfilm Vacirca: it’s a perpetual event

SaveMe Oh: Galea, are you still the alt of Sasun?

SaveMe Oh: How much was it Pirats had to pay to the committee to get a free sim?

SaveMe Oh: BTW, who is now in charge of LEA to unban me?

Werner Kurosawa: You are! 🙂

Veleda Lorakeet: Aren’t you?

SaveMe Oh: All recent dictators fall like apples from the tree

SaveMe Oh: Werner, make me a tea and unban me

SaveMe Oh: Werner, darling….Teleport failed, you are banned from the region. What I do now??? Send again a plea notecard to your friend, the dictator of LEA Solo Mornington?


SaveMe Oh: if you have a second, can you unban me from the LEA region?

LaPiscean Liberty: no, not under ban appeal process they have in place now

LaPiscean Liberty: it up to the whole committee, whoever that is now

SaveMe Oh: haha

LaPiscean Liberty: DC got fired by LL

LaPiscean Liberty: so did Gina

SaveMe Oh: yes, I know

LaPiscean Liberty: several walked

SaveMe Oh: they should

LaPiscean Liberty: not many on board now

LaPiscean Liberty: Sasun gone

SaveMe Oh: yes, great

LaPiscean Liberty: may be back who knows

SaveMe Oh: hope not

LaPiscean Liberty: but the only ones left are JJ, me , Solo, and Werner

SaveMe Oh: and Solo owns the banbutton?

LaPiscean Liberty: and a couple advisors

LaPiscean Liberty: oh and Bryn

LaPiscean Liberty: Bryn almost left

SaveMe Oh: she should

SaveMe Oh: she is a disgrace to the artists

SaveMe Oh: only Gina showed some backbone

LaPiscean Liberty: sorry I don’t share your feelings toward her but do understand

LaPiscean Liberty: Yes Gina fought

LaPiscean Liberty: and fought hard

SaveMe Oh: Bryn is like DC, only in for herself

SaveMe Oh: Gina and Rowan really tried

SaveMe Oh: I think

LaPiscean Liberty: at any rate no new business until we get together again today and listen to what the LL has to say

LaPiscean Liberty: they will run today’s meeting pretty much

SaveMe Oh: they should invite me for a meeting

LaPiscean Liberty: yes Rowan walked

LaPiscean Liberty: in protest

LaPiscean Liberty: I really liked her to

SaveMe Oh: all the good people walk

SaveMe Oh: and the dictators stay

SaveMe Oh: as they love the ruling

LaPiscean Liberty: well in this case they offed one of the dictators

SaveMe Oh: as dictators always do

SaveMe Oh: dictators prefer to rule alone

SaveMe Oh: so on a certain moment they skip a friend

LaPiscean Liberty: well I can’t keep up with what I’m doing, let alone the rest of them

LaPiscean Liberty: it’s all i can do to stay focused on community

LaPiscean Liberty: and community is what started all this

LaPiscean Liberty: DC had a grip and self appointed ruler of what is art and what is not

SaveMe Oh: yes, he thinks he know it all

SaveMe Oh: Kick Solo out and there might be a new hope

LaPiscean Liberty: he fought with most everyone in committee at one time or another

SaveMe Oh: he is a big asshole I know already for very long

SaveMe Oh: the undiscovered famous artist

SaveMe Oh: tell me if they need my advice

14 thoughts on “Linden Forces Them To Lick For A Bone

  1. hey Save, If i had been talking to the whole planet, I would have written my own blog. And the next time you place my text in yours without my permission, it will be the last time you have text to post. Now I don’t know who shit in your ice cream, but it wasn’t me. In fact I have always tried to help and support you. But if you think that this gutter slut attitude of yours is the way to more readers, then find someone else to interview. I for one am getting tired of listening to your crying. and gathering other folks to dry your cry baby eyes. In fact, knowing you, it wont be long before your banned again, and this time, it wont be the LEA biased, it will be you that’s biased. and you can appeal that till the cows come home.

    • Dear Liberty (what’s in a name)

      When someone takes the time to talk with me I am always so happy and overwhelmed with joy that I can’t do nothing else that share it with the world. Especially when those talks are about friendship, transparancy, liberty, freedom and democracy. In those cases every word shared should find it’s way to the world. Today it were your smart and reasonable words. Be proud instead of getting in a cramp. And for your info: I never appeal for things who don’t have any jurisdiction at all. So who ever will be a selfacclaimed committee member for the Linden lords, for me they will be devided in friends and idiots.

    • Gutter slut sounds quite poetic. Then, to make it short, LEA general behavior has been less than recommandable during the past weeks, prolly months. And among numerous dubbious things, the total lack of transparency was among the most notable. You may be not very happy about your words being spread to the whole planet (well…. people reading this blog, let’s say), but personnally, I feel more than glad and relieved to be at least informed, after this heavy period of total obstruction. I think it would be justice if there was some serious self-criticism among all the LEA people. I find it easy to fall – once more – on SaveMe (and friends). We say in french: wipe the dirt in front of your own door FIRST. Thank you.

    • “I for one am getting tired of [you] gathering other folks to dry your cry baby eyes.”

      Assuming this to be the case, why do you seem to have a problem with someone turning to “other folks” in times of distress? But another possibility of course is that “other folks” gather around you out of their own free will, have you considered that?

      Anyway, in general your comment smacks of the extremely irritating condescension that seems to be a hallmark of LEA committee members. I’m guessing that attitude comes from feeling all cozy and safe under the protection of those “other folks” in the sky above us (aka the Linden Gods).

      And how do you feel about being part of an organization that’s been accused of being corrupted to the core? (I haven’t seen yet any refutation of Ginette’s extremely serious charges). In this “other folk” opinion, the only decent thing for you to do would have been to resign, but you seem pretty comfortable as long as you perceive yourself to be under the Linden Gods protection…

      “it wont be long before your banned again”

      and they say “we’re not mind readers”…

      “you can appeal that till the cows come home.”

      does this mean that any (hypothetical) future appeal will be summarily rejected despite any merits it may have?

  2. As a Swiss girly, I am supposed to know about cows. I can tell you they come home every evening. And quickly. As a wild guess, I suggest to read this expression as: if you appeal, your file will considered and positively solved in no time. Right? And btw, someone should remember that we were asking for stopping this idiotic ban for WEEKS. And finally, LEA cows went home. Poor animals….

    • poor cows living in English-speaking countries… seriously now Cat, it’s the threats the members of this corrupted organization feel entitled to keep making that upset me the most. As if the condescension, lies, mockery and insults were not enough.

    • and don’t forget (Solo was very clear about this last night): “Rule 0” still stands, at least in the sandbox. (“Rule 0” meaning that the LEA Committee has an Old Testament god-like power to impose any rules it wants whenever it wants, including any punishment on anyone for any reason, without explanation.) It was probably to “Rule 0” that Mr. Liberty was alluding to when he wrote “you can appeal that till the cows come home”.

  3. Well… I am not crying… “LEA undemocratic”…LOL… we knew that ages ago. Organised art never works.
    Thanks SaveMe for the information… anyone who is surprised at having their words made famous in your posts is obviously a media virgin. …:))

  4. Well most of the comments are on target, except that the LEA hasn’t anything to do with my own idiocy. I was the one that ran off the mouth in a heated moment. Ya lose your cool, ya lose. and appealed till the cows come home, didn’t mean thru any LEA process, as it meant appealing through our own friendship. That’s right, we are friends 🙂

  5. FYI I am not the Rowan that walked from LEA I was never in the LEA although I was in the LEA as in Liverpool Education Authority but not in LEA what ever it Linden Egotistical Artisans group or what ever else it stands for.

    I was however in the Lemmings Educational Arts programme which tried to prevent Lemmings jumping off the cliffs over Linden Egotistical Art Sims. but the group failed to prevent the demise of the lemmings.

    Infact when you think about it the Acronym LEA doesn’t really mean much at all. babbles on to self whilst enjoying a scintilating conversation with the Lexicographing Enthusiastic Ants.

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