The Day A Miracle Happened

Yesterday a miracle happened in LEA. When Iceland artist Returned Resident was praying with some friends for the well being of me, the poorly banned SaveMe Oh. What he didn’t know was that I was all day busy rearranging the board members of the LEA committee. First I fired Sasun Steinbeck and DanCoyote Antonelli, and then I used the words of Ginette Pinazzo to undermine the committee further. I send some cakes and pure New Zealand wool to Dekka Raymaker to keep him a happy knitting granny. Drank a tea with Werner Kurosawa and asked my friend LaPiscian Liberty to cut off the fingers of Solo Mornington so he couldn’t touch the ban button again. Bryn Oh is my sister and only busy with her own stuff, so no danger there and I installed Elisa Linden in the LEA chat group to keep an eye on everybody.

And Jayjay Zifanwe? You know Jayjay, he tries to forget me, he tries to avoid me, he tries to deny me, but he is soooo much a middle of the road man, that he needs my love to survive.

And then the Linden; they know their publicity is much better off with me than with an idiot as Solo Mornington, and the majority of friends I put on the chairs in the board now could do no other than unban me finally for a crime I never committed.

And then I appeared in full glory with my Licking Every Ass dress as the virgin Maria in LEA. And this miracle was so majestic that poor Returned Resident, who could only speak the ugly Icelandic language before looked at my ass, which has a natural beauty quality and spoke his first words in English. “What a great ass, he said”.

13 thoughts on “The Day A Miracle Happened

  1. Here you go: new lies again! Returned never said this. I was there, I know.
    Hardly back and ready to confuse everybody! The Truth is here:

    Returned: DC is fired
    Cat Shilova: Returned!!!
    Returned: Ginette rejected
    Cat Shilova: you speak english!!!!
    Returned: in a flash it came to me
    Cat Shilova: wow!
    Returned: by seeing this beauty in front of me
    Returned: a miracle has hapopend
    Cat Shilova: her ass, mostly
    Marmaduke Arado: it’s a miracle!
    ROSE (rose.borchovski): why are you praying Save?
    SaveMe Oh: because I looked dead but im not
    SaveMe Oh: and because Returned can speak english at once by seeing me
    Cat Shilova: he looked at your butt and suddenly he could speak english
    Cat Shilova: unbelievable
    Returned: Its true Rose
    Returned: a miracle
    Returned: when I saw her for the very first time
    ROSE (rose.borchovski): she is like a Maria

    • [2012/05/31 15:52] Rowan Derryth: I hear the fashion world is in need of some drama.
      [2012/05/31 15:52] Solo Mornington: done what, marmaduke?
      [2012/05/31 15:52] SaveMe Oh: do we sound bored?
      [2012/05/31 15:52] Rowan Derryth: I’m astounded if you aren’t.
      [2012/05/31 15:52] Marmaduke Arado: unban SaveMe knowing you can ban her anytime
      [2012/05/31 15:53] Marmaduke Arado: i’m not bored at all!
      [2012/05/31 15:53] SaveMe Oh: Solo sees new hunting opportunities
      [2012/05/31 15:53] SaveMe Oh: Its like those hunters who release pigeons to kill them directly after
      [2012/05/31 15:55] Returned: Maybe we have to organise a welcome back party for SaveMe?
      [2012/05/31 15:55] Returned: She has such a nice ass
      [2012/05/31 15:56] Marmaduke Arado: that’s a great idea Returned, only an icelander could come vup with it!
      [2012/05/31 15:56] Returned: we always do that in island when a seal escapes a killerwhale

  2. I just fell off of my chair laughing. This post is hilarious! I love the praying part. I need to pray more it seems…..

  3. Quotes Apmel Goosson “All religions are organised superstion.. and miracles are the tools to fool ignorant minds.. like yours.”

    Is this your opinion or a fact you created to frustrate religious minded people.
    “Religion is the Opiate of the People” Karl marx quote. Unquote. thus keeping everyone in their place.
    Right well…. why is it that you and Mr Marx continue to live in a Gregorian Calender indoctrinated society.
    Is it not 2012 AD, meaning anno domini, in other words After the Saviour Christ?
    If you are so unreligious please alter your calender to that of BC which is before christ, because if he does not exist then there cannot be an AD can their?
    So if there was no Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism, where did your name come from because I almost certain Apmel is a name given from a descendant of some religious order.

    Miracles are not tools, they are creations, or apparitions.

    Please do get your facts in order about religion before you start mocking and disbelieving in what formed the very morals and laws of society.

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