Save The Last Dance For Me

Solo Mornington was yesterday the clown of the day as he attempted to grief the preparation of the LEA Liberation Party. He did his best to be the troll he always accuses me of. But as in all things he do he also hadn’t any quality to do this well. But nice as we are we encouraged him in his first steps in a new world. But he had no backbone and stopped without even trying well.

When the party was almost finished after 4 hours of heavy dancing, wearing, particling and laughing he tried to be a good chap by showing up for some minutes. He asked for a clog dance but we couldn’t provide him with that.



Now LEA is liberated they can always call me if they need help.


I won’t be in any dull committee.

I won’t curate an event or pick artists unless is done by gambling with a bingo machine.

I won’t provide motorized mosquitoes, for that you better ask my sister Bryn Oh.

I won’t knit sweaters, for that you better ask the advisor Dekka Raymaker

I won’t build megalomaniac domes were nobody ever sits, for that you better ask Werner Kurosawa.

I won’t organize ART Ikea’s were there is so much bullshit together and so much challenges going on that everybody picks random a winner to be free from even have to look, for that you better ask Jayjay Zifanwe.

I won’t organize large machinima events inworlds were people have to watch 1000 movies which they can see in RL 100 times faster, for that they better ask LaPiscian Liberty.

I won’t marry a Linden or you as I am almost one year almost married with the love of my life Rose Borchovsky.

Keeping a LEA sim completely clean with my friends Kikas & Marmaduke, where it is strictly forbidden to build a prim and where you only can WEAR your art would be an option if that was not the perfect job for an idiot as Solo Mornington.

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