Celebrating Secondlife’s 9th Birthday

[12:11] Suki Rexen ejected you from this land.

[12:13]  ღℜαєzєℓℓє Şαρρђíгεღ: SaveMe seems to steal your seat:)

[12:13] Suki Rexen ejected you from this land.

[12:14] SaveMe Oh: which trigger-happy fascist ejects me all the time?

[12:15] Vampiress Solo: we are in the middle of a show do you mind ?

[12:15] Vampiress Solo: could you take your childish crap do another place ?

[12:16] SaveMe Oh: I show some animations and the creeps eject me?

[12:16] SaveMe Oh: was it you, ugly?

[12:17] Suki Rexen has frozen you for 30 seconds.  You cannot move or interact with the world.

[12:18] Molly Medier: go to timeout SaveMe Oh

[12:18] Suki Rexen has frozen you for 30 seconds.  You cannot move or interact with the world.

[12:20] SaveMe Oh: frolic is dogfood, isn’t it?

[12:20] Frolic Mills: yes save me – thats why all the bitches follow me !

[12:21] Suki Rexen ejected you from this land.

[12:23] Suki Rexen has frozen you for 30 seconds. You cannot move or interact with the world

[12:23] Uccello Poultry: Hi. You’ve been ejected a few times. Not getting the idea you aren’t wanted here?

[12:24] Suki Rexen has frozen you for 30 seconds.  You cannot move or interact with the world.

[12:24] Your freeze expired, go about your business

[12:25] Uccello Poultry ah.. ToS Violation

[12:25] SaveMe Oh: omg report me

[12:25] Carlos Montana: i muted her

[12:25] SaveMe Oh: To file an abuse report simply go to the help menu and click on ‘Report Abuse’

[12:25] Carlos Montana: shes now a stink of gas

[12:25] martin Glom: muted when she first came in lol

[12:25] Carlos Montana: on my screen

[12:26] Carlos Montana: Ahh don’t let a greifer ruin you guys

[12:26] Carlos Montana: yeah its common here

[12:26] SaveMe Oh: griefer???? Most famous artist of SL you mean!

[12:30] SaveMe Oh: omg I have to pee

Marianne McCann has frozen you for 30 seconds.  You cannot move or interact with the world.

[12:31] Your freeze expired, go about your business

[12:31] Diana Renoir: SaveMe, you’re disrupting the presentation, could you please sit in the audience?

21 thoughts on “Celebrating Secondlife’s 9th Birthday

  1. wow, the drama queen has returned to SL!
    so, how does it feel to not be an artist, but to merely be the afterbirth of the artist, the critic?

      • As I heared you are a lawyer and my old lawyer prefers to do nothing on her Gran Canaria Island I want you to finish all those tirans off who ban me all the time and prevent me from being free!

      • My dear Ms. Oh,

        What people like I and you (albeit to a lesser extent) must realize is that we are supernovas on the firmament of the SecondLife Cosmology. This in itself – and by necessity – leads to a need for rebellion among the moons that are dwarfed and outshined by our lavish, generous and sharing natures. If they have any power at all they will try to misuse it in a futile effort to steal some of our light.

        However, we must always remember that “noblesse oblige” and must treat such childishness with mild rebuke and warm welcoming arms. We cannot waste our valuable time on frivolous lawsuits which will only increase the self-importance these dwarves feel for them self by gaining our attention.

        Threatening with law suits is a ridiculous hobby for the petit bourgeois and silly people, besides it simply logs up every court system in the world.

        I and, I am sure, you also, can undoubtedly find better things to occupy our time and energy.

        Kind greetings
        The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls.

      • I was just going to say all this myself, but now I don’t have to write it down. You have the job! congratulations.

      • Thank you, ma´am, I proudly accept to be your legal counsel and do so convinced that you already understand that it is the nature of this assignment to tell you to “Shut up and move along!” just as often as I say “Go ahead gurl, whip their asses!”

        With hopes of a successful cooperation,
        The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls.

      • I only want a lawyer because it looks chique and they are great to beat up on moody days.

      • Well now, lets not get impetuous, this may work itself out better than you think. If it doesn’t I will let you carry me around in your handbag like Paris Hilton with her chihuahua,

      • I am not going to carry you, You can walk together with my pink poodle, and then the two of you bark when somebody wants to attack me!

      • I´ve been trying to get the honorable Bock McMillan to tell me what the hell is going on, but of course buddy you answered me in a very professional way 🙂
        “Bock McMillan: All information concerning my dealings with the venerable Ms. Oh are privileged information, but I will go so far as to say that she is a perfect sweetheart in all our dealings.”

      • As I am such a sweetheart unfortunately I have to let you know that my lips are sealed (Don’t worry, not with a kiss)

    • When you work hard enough it is always possible to make it in my blog twice or more. As long as you do your best you have it in your own hands.

  2. Well one reason you were not welcomed …a tag that said “President of Fish”…Really?…you flopped around our stages like a fish and as everyone can see you have no sense of maturity…and this so called lawyer you have writing to you cant beat himself out of a wet paper bag….so my thoughts and advice to you are …You are a nuisance..Every since i met you many moons ago you have done nothing but get in the way. I have yet to see you do anything productive here ….If you would spend half as much energy on your Real Life (the life without a comp) then you might become a useful part of society….Not only do you not have brains but you have NO class. Oh and follow his advice ….. “Shut up and move along!”….

    • My dear Ms. Oh, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      Although I have been a bit under the weather the last few days I have noticed your latest calamity at a Danish event, where as I understand it, you were banned by someone who did not herself believe you should be banned but who, in her own words, had been spammed with requests of banning you and had given in to them.

      However, what occurred at the Danish event and the mere fact that the message was sent to you anonymously should in itself be enough to alert you of the fact that these attacks come from inferior and petty minded wannabees with no pride in themselves or their own achievements. They are to be pitied and forgotten.

      No self-respecting person – or avatar for that matter – would revert to anonymous messages or to pushing others in front of themselves to fight their battles.

      These are the traditional methods of the petite bourgeousie. They are spineless and easily forgettable as they never create anything worthwhile on their own and therefor are driven by their jealousy and inferiority complex to seek attention by attacking the creative, the-bigger-than-their-own-measly-life and the true artists.

      Dear Ms. Oh, we should not give them what they seek. You are bigger than they are and must learn to smile kindly at their childish antics. Simply forget them and move on, my dear, and always trust in your greatness.

      • If it was only to recieve this encouraging words every day I would be able to murder a member of the – as you call them – petite bourgeousie every day but I will listen carefully to your words, pregnant of wisdom and will try to ban those attractive plans out of my head and concentrate on my own greatness which is undeniable from a shining uniqueness.

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