Why The Surrealism Disappears When They Play Oprah?

After a tour in RL, as somebody has to pay for the pizza, I returned yesterday night in my beloved SL to get angry after just 1 minute. I was invited in SLB9 to hear Chantal Harvey talking about machinima. She was interviewed by Rowan Derryth who apparently found a new hobby after leaving LEA; playing Oprah Winfrey. Now I see no reason at all to hear what Chantal Harvey has to say as I can’t remember any movie of her worthwhile to remember so I started to have a long piss. And as you can predict, the wannabe artists and their bodyguards start to complain immediately.

[16:41] Tanisha Benoir: If you are not interested in listening or contributing in a sensible way why don’t you just leave?

But I decided to continue as it was obvious that after my 2 weeks absence a strong lesson had to be given as my darling Rose Borchovski was brainwashed completely by the art snobs as she is so sweet that she wants to please everybody.

Now what is the problem? Rowan Derryth wants to play in a virtual world the Oprah Winfrey show with herself as Oprah and all the wannabe artists as her guests. The audience (10 people) has to shut up and sit in an auditorium and watch Oprah and guests sitting on a couch for one hour doing nothing. Although the auditorium is much smaller than the idiot ones Jayjay builds it is crazy people come up with this format. Everybody has enough of watching TV as you get bored till dead, then we find an exciting virtual world and what we do??? Play TV.

When you go to the wonderful sim of my darling Rose you can’t walk a stair normal as the steps are floating towards you but here she sits as a schoolgirl listening to Mama Oprah, afraid to move too much or fart when Chantal is talking. In IM she begs me to behave. And the same for all the other surrealists who are not able to let a clock run normal and on time.

So for the next “talkshow” I demand that all the guests of the show are hanging with their heads down on the ceiling like bats without wings, that the host has the face of a ticking time bomb and that the audience is piled up in purple sardine cans while a giant eyeball is bouncing and singing the national hymn of Iceland.

Why all artists become boring people who wants to move to a cottage in Denmark as quick as possible to watch the flowers grow in the short summers? Why their biggest desire is to become a farmer after all?

As users of a virtual world we have the right to get our screens filled with interesting visuals and surreal interactions otherwise we could better watch the real Oprah as she does it much better and is a professional!

When we want to know the opinion of an artist about her work. The 10 people can stand around her and ask. We don’t need fake TV studios or VIP meet & greet sessions to do so. So next time I see a setting like this I will do the visuals myself, keep your ban button active as this is a warning.

Did I hear what Chantal or Rowan were saying? No, I had my sound off.

Wasn’t there anything surreal? Yes, the officer, of duty, Tanisha Benoir, was a child avatar. So it was a little odd to piss over her baby head.

21 thoughts on “Why The Surrealism Disappears When They Play Oprah?

  1. Save Darling, this podium was in the mids of a huge pile of moving, glowing and squeezed prims. You just had to move your little tinny beautiful ass a bit to be overwhelmed by all kinds of interesting visuals and surreal interactions. And that you have a problem with your sound does not mean we all have a problem. The beauty of sitting behind a computer with your solo screen is that you easily can avoid what you do not like. Maybe the set up was boring but it did suit the content: namely interviews in voice. A bat without wings and eyeballs singing would add nothing to the purpose and content of this event. I have seen you doing interviews in rl without you being pissed on and it was still ( or maybe I’m blinded with love) very interesting. The interviews Rowan is doing are very good, you should know as no one else that it is over and over important to talk about your work and to educated/inform your audience, in order for the arts to survive and not being put away in a corner as a left wing hobby.
    We all have different tools to achieve this, some make glowing wearable prime, others distressed children or melancholic images, or write a blog or interviews.
    In the end it all serves the same goal: The Arts in SL.

  2. I was at the Rowan talk the night before the Chantal talk, and I have to say I was sickened at how in Second Life some are trying to be the next Larry Gagosian,and I was a bit of a heckler. Some people, whether they want it or not, are being made into art stars and the “gallery” hierarchy is rapidly being developed as well as the supportive press. In defense of Chantal, I have always found her to be so helpful to anyone who wants to make machinima no matter for what purpose, I don’t think she cares what people do, just wants to help them do the best they can.

    • Welcome to the reality Penumbra. Art and the Artist needs an audience , and it needs approval and disapproval and publicity.
      To make your art known you have to market it and explain and convince and lobby. And when you are lucky the audience starts to recognize your work and you become ” known” so it becomes a bit easier, not easy. To label an artists that gets extra attention in Sl ,as a star or as was said that evening: an Elite star is somehow very downgrading. Why can we not applaud when an artwork or an artist is successful?

      • Right now the idea of marketing, explaining and lobbying my art causes me a bit of panic and stress, maybe I was personalizing the experience. I love making “art” in RL and SL and maybe I do need to promote myself better in the future because I believe art is a shared experience. I think that the artists is SL who they called “the Elite” are hard working artists in SL I don’t have to like what they do to understand the amount of time and energy they put behind their ideas. I guess I cannot talk about it right now and should avoid areas where they do and just mess with the stuff in my head.

  3. I think SaveMe has missed “the point” of SL according to Philip: “since there are so many possible definitions of ‘online world’, we are trying to create a close reproduction of the actual physical world we live in – one that will be easily comprehensible and useful to us because it will so closely resemble ours. The ability to simulate our world on computers means that we can make it different in ways that empower us”

    Or maybe not since peeing is something we all do IRL.

    Btw I did find Rowan’s interview with Rose a bit booring since she fell for the religious analogies in Roses work that I haven´t even noticed since that is a non-subject for me and most young north europeans.

    Why is both Saveme and ush Underwood supposed to be 33 the same as the incarnations of Susa I would like to know though…

  4. Philip was dumped exactly because of this. The worsed thing that could happen to us in SL is that we are playing RL. With a house where we live, A tango dancehall close by, Oprah Winfrey imitations at night time, awardshows to make us customers and artists who want to become famous among the other 100 users and galleryowners who will make sure it is them who become famous. Policesquads who guard the events and an expected common sense to get along with eachother.
    To tacle the problem of who is in charge I advise everybody to do the same as me, make yourself president of SL and do whatever you like and deny every responsability for what you said yesterday as I’m the president on my own screen and in my case I decided long time ago that it was my canvas where I create on, if it is approved, liked, applauded or not, I couldn’t care less, nor do my 37 alts (not 33, cheesus, do I have to mention this over and over again?).

  5. SaveMe has a sad cuz other people have different ideas and opinions and make different decisions. Boo hoo hoo!

    Someone asks a reasonable question (“Why be here if you hate it?”) and apparently that’s worthy of ridicule and bullying. Bar har har!

    But she’s not the fascist: You are. Zeig heil heil.

  6. I think SaveMe has missed “the point” of SL according to Philip: “since there are so many possible definitions of ‘online world’, we are trying to create a close reproduction of the actual physical world we live

    well Apmel, in my opinion, ironically who missed the point about SL was its creator Philip Rosedale… and who got the point about SL (besides SaveMe…) was someone who as far as I know hardly uses SL — the filmmaker Peter Greenaway, when he said most notably “We don’t need virtual reality, we need virtual unreality”.

    • Yes and since there is so much of it in sl : virtual unreality, why not move to places you can easily experience this and let others who want to have virtual reality have it. We are big enough to organize our own events and control our own way of teleporting to spots we like. And I hate the idea that SL will become one big glowing rotating wearable prim. SL is bigger then just us and when we want to make it more attractive it is better to embrace it then to pee on it.

      I try to ignore the idiot insulting hurting words of Solo, can we not all agree to mentally mute him forever?

      • Rose I was not saying we should have ONLY virtual unreality, just that I think it is a unique way of bringing about SL’s unique possibilities as a creative medium. Anyway, I don’t think you have to worry about SL becoming one “big glowing rotating wearable prim”, if you consider the whole of SL 99,9999% of it is an attempt to recreate reality as we know it (in the arts circles it’s a bit less), and that isn’t going to change soon. And I do think your “The Inevitability of Fate” installation is perhaps the best example to date of “permanent” virtual unreality.

    • Well Marma..”the point” IMHO was in the last part of the qoute ..”one that will be easily comprehensible and useful to us because it will so closely resemble ours. The ability to simulate our world on computers means that we can make it different in ways that empower us”


      that is probably not possible for most of us if we have only virtual unreality

      • Apmel, please see my comment above to Rose.

        Anyway, I still think Philip missed the point about SL since in his vision it would be used by 100s of millions and specifically be a dominant platform for business and education. He bet that “you just replace the words ‘Second Life’ with ‘Web’ and ‘virtual reality’ with Internet'” and failed completely.

        I for one wish there was a way to manipulate gravity in SL (you can do it only for flexi prims, such as applying negative gravity to them), but we’re stuck with an engine that aims to “recreate the laws of physics”.

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