The Color Of Markus Inkpen’s Underwear

The first day after a Secondlife break I always have the uncontrollable urge to misbehave badly as I realise things always have a serious setback when I am not around. People start to build auditoriums for avatar parking and even my loved ones forget everything I taught them and could be found sitting in these auditoriums babbling and playing the Oprah Winfrey Show in the virtual copied setting.

The second day I find myself banned and have to go there with an alt and promiss myself to behave and listen. I did and the anger is even bigger. Rowan Derryth is a giggling nitwit asking dumb questions to Marcus Inkpen who has nothing noteable to tell. Now that is not that strange as the work of the guy could be the best described as HIS FAVORITE HOLLIDAY PICS MADE AVAILABLE FOR A VIRTUAL WORLD. Rowan just didn’t ask him what color of underwear he was wearing because the sim crashed just in time.

This babbling about nothing adds nothing to the artworld and you are better of in a waitingroom of your dentist were the stories have at least a bite!

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