8 thoughts on “Save Your Booty

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahah …. I don’t have enough typing strength to represent my inability to stop laughing. If only you put in a UWA treasure you would win MachinimaV:Seek Wisdom, hands down.

  2. First it was just the sexual harassment photos, but now a full-on full-motion video, complete with nudity! (Nearby prudes avert their eyes.)

    One would be forgiven for assuming that you have a crush on me, but can only express this longing through, you know… tying me up and lighting my ass on fire. Hawt.

    But, you know… I don’t swing that way. (That is, I try not to date sociopaths.) So you’ll just have to find someone else to fantasize about.

      • You might be almost right. I better get my roses straight and make the bridesmaids stop complaining. You might also almost find out that that other stranger returned from the dark, the one with that gorgeous body. But actually it is not a return since he never left, not even almost. He just played his friends and they blamed you, and started a witch hunt on you. Do you think they will apologize now, even when it is only just almost?

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