Not Allowed To Be A Danish Visionary For 45 Minutes

SaveMe Oh: seagull

Chovexani Soothsayer: SaveMe, it doesn’t count unless you answer after the question’s been asked ;p

SaveMe Oh: ah ok

Hilary Querrien: aw, hun, what did they do to you?

SaveMe Oh: that’s new to me

Nelly Swindlehurst: really?

Chovexani Soothsayer: especially since you’ve been spamming birds

CallieCat: lmao

Catherine Resch: SaveMe .. come to cully’s trivia on monday at Sharon’s

Nelly Swindlehurst: you can’t just name every bird and expect to win lol

SaveMe Oh: whipper

CallieCat: not how trivia works in either life

SaveMe Oh: or isn’t that a bird?

SaveMe Oh: whopper?

SaveMe Oh: Whupper?

Hilary Querrien: I think that’s a special sort of bird

Duane Farstrider: Next Question!

SaveMe Oh: Big Whupper?

Catherine Resch: a whipper snapper

 And they banned me for answering questions.

Inge Qunhua: sorry

SaveMe Oh: dictator

Inge Qunhua: got a lot of complaint that you were spamming

Inge Qunhua: I’ll unban you in 45 min

Inge Qunhua: yes

Inge Qunhua: sorry

SaveMe Oh: I was not

Inge Qunhua: no

Inge Qunhua: but I go spammed with complaints

Inge Qunhua: unbanning you in 45 min

14 thoughts on “Not Allowed To Be A Danish Visionary For 45 Minutes

  1. [11:49] Inge Qunhua: aww
    [11:53] Inge Qunhua: Ty for letting mee know that anything I say to you is public and gets put on your blog
    [11:54] SaveMe Oh: Good thing is you cant ban my freedom of speech, you dictator
    [11:55] SaveMe Oh: I was never banned for naming birds
    [11:55] SaveMe Oh: Until you…..

  2. Hey

    just cause we’re divorced doesn’t mean the kids should have to suffer… you know how they hate it when they have to spend the weekend at one house and not the other…

    so, uh, why don’t you write a guest blog post for iRez?


  3. Is Vaneeesa not the women who unfriended me on all social media and kicked me out of her group because I was to close to you and afraid that I might give you information about what she is planning?

    What does she wants from you?

    I ALMOST get suspicious!!

    • She is the sad figure who begged me to be her wife on InWorldz and betrayed me after with that dirty one-eyed proffesional spammer Ze Moo. For hits on her blog she completely depends on the fact if I react or not. When I react she has hundreds of readers, when I don’t react nobody even notices she has a blog.
      So don’t be afraid honey and remember the almost great weekend we had in Katwijk.

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