Dirty Eddi

Eddi Decosta: if you harass me again I do a complaint on your ass right?

Eddi Decosta: go away from me

Eddi Decosta: it’s the last warning

Eddi Decosta: why you follow me?

SaveMe Oh: Must be the smell

Eddi Decosta: I said to you I don’t have time to be harassed by you..

SaveMe Oh: Don’t you ever change your t-shirt? Yukkie

Eddi Decosta: you have started that in your blog and honestly I don’t appreciate that since this time

Eddi Decosta: just stop to harass me now

SaveMe Oh: I want you to put a clean t-shirt

SaveMe Oh: This is so filthy

SaveMe Oh: For months now

Eddi Decosta: hey it’s sl, and you don’t have anything to say to me..

Eddi Decosta: try to find you a true life and one job

SaveMe Oh: And what if everybody gets ill from your germs?

Eddi Decosta: ah shut up

SaveMe Oh: Are you in RL also such a pig?

SaveMe Oh: Or is it laziness?

SaveMe Oh: Shall I give you a nice clean t-shirt?

Eddi Decosta: I work 8 hours per day, and go to see another place to harass the resident

SaveMe Oh: You work??? You are only occupy here the space

SaveMe Oh: and you smell

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