All SL Is My Own Show

Ultralight Alter playing in LEA 17 of Marcus Inkpen.

Zachh Cale: Hi SaveMe!  Are you a big fan of Ultraviolet’s music?

SaveMe Oh: It’s not music, it supermarket wallpaper

Zachh Cale: you hate it?

Zachh Cale: So you’re here to be disparaging?

SaveMe Oh: I never go to the supermarket

Zachh Cale: So why are you here if you don’t like it?

SaveMe Oh: I want to see if she is again the same horrible person as ever

Zachh Cale: Do you have an exhibit open?

SaveMe Oh: I am the living artwork, darling.

Zachh Cale: Performance Art?

SaveMe Oh: You have to ask my audience why I am the most famous artwork of SL.

Zachh Cale: ok Where is your next performance?

SaveMe Oh: Maybe in one minute, maybe tomorrow, who will know?

Zachh Cale: Well tell me where your next show will be planned

SaveMe Oh: I never tell in advance, such a boring concept

Zachh Cale: iok – at other people shows?

SaveMe Oh: Ofcourse, you are in my screen, aren’t you?

Zachh Cale: I mean your own show

Zachh Cale: why not?

SaveMe Oh: All SL is my own show.

Zachh Cale ejected you from this land.

2 thoughts on “All SL Is My Own Show

  1. [15:08] any1 Gynoid: Hiya SaveMe! Outstanding! Dead Solid Perfect! I very much enjoyed your art this past hour… made some ppls very “pissed off” LOL
    [15:09] SaveMe Oh: ty, although my contibution was limited to 5 minutes today. But it is the impact that counts in art.
    [15:10] any1 Gynoid: your entrance was phenomenal! well done! SNAPS SNAPS!

  2. Chatted with some friends about the “art incident” today…
    DId you get to see the pissing contest? lol
    omg… SaveMe Oh is the top performance artist in SL….. she came in here with a firehouse stream of yellow liquid emanating from her crotch.. and hosed down the audience…. everyone!!!!
    I laughed hard for at least 10 minutes…
    still can’t stop laughing when I think about it!
    I love art that makes me laugh! Thank You SaveMe!

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