Application For Nothing

Deadline: August 15, 2012

Instructions: Please fill out each section as completely as possible – all fields are required. While applications should be in English, please do not worry if English is not your first language. Also, if you need help with written English or understanding this application, please contact a member of the LEA and we will strive to find someone to help translate.

Second Life Name *

SaveMe Oh

Email address *

I am applying for this grant as


Project Category

Art Installation

…or something else?

There will be NOTHING

 Project Name *


Project Maturity Rating *

G – General

Project Summary *

The sim will be turned into a complete nothing were building is not allowed. In this nothing the leading artists of secondlife will perform in a regular sequence their mindblowing wearers art in which visitors will be invited to participate, add, inspire, challenge, disturb en obstruct as much as they can.

The most famous artist of secondlife, SaveMe Oh will present basics to this performances by performing legendary old shows of her like ROOM WITH A VIEW and the FUNDAMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL ROADSHOW and the new megablast: HOP ON HOP OH, in which others will find the inspiration to contribute.

Project Description

The sim will be delivered flat, with a white underground to SaveMe Oh. SaveMe Oh will reshape the sim after into NOTHING. All persons will be free to perform and wear in NOTHING whatever they want except the follwings avatars:

Solo Mornington will be the only one the banlist during the Land Grant to SaveMe Oh. If the caractre of Solo Morninton is required in a performance his role will be played by famous Canadian actor Ed Vespucciano or by the retired Dutch actor, Cupido Oh, father of SaveMe Oh. If Solo Mornington wishes to visit the sim we advise him to use an alt.

The following persons can only enter the sim if they request on forehand for a daypermit as they are notorious violators of several human rights but don’t have to be punished in the same way as they do to others. These people are: Newbab Zsigmond, Merlina Rokocoko, Tyrehl Byk, Aristide Depression, Ultralight Alter, Georg Janick, DanCoyote Antonelli, Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess.

Project Timeline

In the first weeks SaveMe Oh will set up NOTHING. In the following time SaveMe Oh will arrange frequent performances and events. Project could start in the second week of September.

Do you have experience with estate management?

Yes, I am the president of Secondlife and the president of Two Fish.

Your Résumé/CV

I,m a dutch theatredirector with Asian roots who also tries to make performances or theatreplays in SL. Together with my father Cupido Oh I explore the creative challenges and limitations of SL. Crossed quit some borders already but also found huge walls.

My work can be found on:!/saveme.oh

Current Exhibits/Documentation

A quantity of examples of my work must be in the possesion of PA Daviau and S. Mornington.

9 thoughts on “Application For Nothing

  1. Crossing my fingers for this application to succeed. NOTHING more to do.
    By the way, can I apply for incarnating a tomcat with a white moustache and eyebrows?

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