I Am The Estate Manager And Security Liaison

After performing for an hour or more at Mikata Slade’s sim to lighten up the boring Vaneesa Bylock event everybody went home happy after a mind-blowing performance that made a perfect symbioses between my work and Mikata’s. Then I decided to offer my experience also to an event hosted by queen of art spam Monroe Snook. But she turned out to be of the old Gulag Archipelago model.

Monroe Snook: He

Monroe Snook: can you please take this up now…

SaveMe Oh: More?

Monroe Snook: appreciate it so much …if you could just take it away now

Monroe Snook: no more please, please…remove it please

SaveMe Oh: Let’s vote

SaveMe Oh: who agrees with the Monroe Thing?

SaveMe Oh: who is with me?

Monroe Snook: appreciate it so much …if you could just take it away now

SaveMe Oh: ah shut up

Monroe Snook: can you please remove this floor mist

SaveMe Oh: I get so tired of those questions

SaveMe Oh: go back to the old folks home

SaveMe Oh: and let me be

Monroe Snook: seriously I would very much appreciate your taking this away

SaveMe Oh: No, and now stop nagging me

SaveMe Oh: I am trying to make an event out of this boring gathering of parked avatars

Korgi: perhaps you should make your event at your own event SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: So Monroe, when you give the peeps a drink, I will do the art part

Monroe Snook: SaveMe. Thank you for removing that please

SaveMe Oh: better remove yourself

Monroe Snook: SaveMe I’ve called campus security

Monroe Snook: you will be removed now

SaveMe Oh: sad person you are

SaveMe Oh: are they the securitate?

SaveMe Oh: your secret law enforcement organisation?

SaveMe Oh: Always sad people in art have to call in the army

Monroe Snook: you are no longer welcome here or at this gallery.  This is about Mino not you.

SaveMe Oh: Idiot

Monroe Snook: I don’t know why you do what you do…but it really is unfortunate you insist on being a child.

SaveMe Oh: It’s really unfortunate your desire to play My Little Museum gets in the way of the real art

And then the troops marched in:

Nigma Sterling: You have been banned from RUC and it’s sims for Violations of the rules, and harassment

SaveMe Oh: Drop dead

Nigma Sterling: Ummm, no I don’t think I will. But good luck with that line on others.   😉

SaveMe Oh: Alive you are also not, that you just proved

SaveMe Oh: Are you from Guantanamo Bay?

Nigma Sterling: No, I am not, and yes I am alive, I am proving it by just conversing with you.

SaveMe Oh: You always kill people when called to do so?

Nigma Sterling: No, I am the head of Security, I come to solve situations, and as you were griefing, I solved it. No one was killed.

SaveMe Oh: Head of security, you have studied for that?

Nigma Sterling: Yes.

SaveMe Oh: Or you rehearsed it at the latest Batman movie?

Nigma Sterling: Wow, terrible joke. 12 people die and you see it as a chance to make a quick funny? Sure you’re not 10 years old playing on mommy and daddy’s computer?

SaveMe Oh: People like you who think they can rule on their self acclaimed powerbase are the start of the madness

Nigma Sterling: Now self acclaimed. I am the Estate manager and Security Liaison for the Rockcliffe Universities Consortium, So pretty much, it’s my job, nothing self acclaimed there.

Nigma Sterling: Might want to stop while you are still floating. You are coming into a battle of whits unarmed…

SaveMe Oh: Watch me stopping

And then he has this written in his profile:

WARNING: any conversations with me MUST be considered private and confidential in any and all ways. Any Disclosure to anyone, other than Linden Lab or their agents , is a violation of the T.O.S.

11 thoughts on “I Am The Estate Manager And Security Liaison

  1. Monroe Snook:
    Special thanks to everyone who attended Mino’s opening! We were packed the entire time! A stunning performance art prank by SaveOh took place as well – unanticipated. After exhausting the crowd with her brilliance, her departure was secured and the focus on Mino fine exhibit resumed. His work will remain in the gallery until August 17th!

    Save Oh posted a stirring account of her “art” on her blog and my facebook account. I encourage you all to read her unauthorized capture of the IM exchanges between myself and the security officer – personally I was saddened at her insensitive comments about the Colorado event. I could care less what she says about me.

    It does raise the question…at what point would performance art actually become harassment, or does it ever? Is the reactions and disruption part of the art? What are you comments on the topic. When is too much too much or is there ever a limit?

    Thank you Mino again for your exhibit and work! Thank you SaveOh for give us a topic to consider.

    Saveria Melissa Oh: You’re welcome. To contribute to the topic I would like to ask the following. Why do we have to behave in a virtual world as if we were in RL. Why we have to behave in “your” museum” as visitors? As an audience? Who decides which role you can play and why prevent me of playing mine? Why your judgement of the situation is more important than mine? Why you can use force to remove me and why I have to accept that? On what grounds?

  2. Y, Y, Y, Y,
    I think that I can fly

    Save I was thinking….
    Should we also consider to have a security protocol at Two Fish, we can ask Ampel to be our security officer since he has not much to blog about our almost wedding anymore and we hire Ush to make sure he will not start squeezing the female visitors with the hope she behaves like a good girl. We can ask Kandi to make us tea with cookies and Cat for intelligent question. Iono and Ed so they can be our security cameras and have Jaynine sing songs about the stars.
    I’m not sure what Eupa is doing these days, maybe he can come by now and then to tell us a Koe is not a Kou. And Kikas and Marma can make us laugh and love.
    We have you of course for stunning exhausting entertainment and thank you everyday for make us think , and I……. well I just sit beautiful and make sure snook will not poison our fish. what you think,… or shall we just go on a holiday and eat some fish, with wine and lots of garlic?

    • I would say we go on holiday and make them suffer for a while. When we are eating the fish, drinking the wine and kiss deep with garlic flavours they will soon notice the emptyness developing around them, the nothing, the sadness. And when they are in their deepest depression we will be back, and hit them hard. Very hard!

    • Ehhh… tea with cookies? While Cat is putting the intelligent questions? I suppose it is the blonde in me.
      On the other hand – what could be better than some comforting sweetness…?
      (taking a thinking break, wake me up at teatime then)

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