You Can’t Come In The Club With A House On

Alisa26: please remove the box attachment, its taking a lot of space on the dance floor.

Alisa26: and please dont make me ask twice … i wont.. just sayin..

fabienne1979: detach your house it takes to much space

Shannon Sittingbull: you cant come in the club with a house on

22 thoughts on “You Can’t Come In The Club With A House On

  1. Try creating something smaller. Most people take it badly when they’re run over by a house while trying to relax and enjoy themselves.

      • I go to a club to dance and listen to music, not to be transformed down the rabbit hole. Even in s/l there exists this thing called common sense and respect of others. If i wnt a new and suprising environment then i will search for one, S/l is a truly huge place, take your house and you’re waaaay coolness to one of the places made for it.

  2. Here’s a thought – stop acting grieferish. Anyone who has been in game as long as you knows what to expect when you do things like that, seriously. If you got responses like this from multiple places, do you see a common thread? What did you really hope to gain from rezzing a damn house on yourself? This is a joke, right?

    • Why I want a second life to copy RL??? Thats exactlly why I want to wear a house in a dance club and fly with a grocery store.

  3. Well…A house is not avatar wear, it would seem that you may have beeing a griefer to them. I’m not sure what club your in refrence to names arent important however you really should try to be more realistic in a sence that a club in sl is essentially a business as someones real life cash is being spent in that club to provide to entertainment and the enviornment that you are there and continue to come back and enjoy…Without that you really wouldnt havea business…I am a former club owner and personally I wouldh ave ejected you also because these people that come to these clubs to enjoy and relax as well as mingling with other avatars…Ikt is a mecca to make friends and enjoy….Just sayin πŸ™‚

    • What is the reason of being realistic in a virtual world??? Only to make it more easy for the ones who want to earn more and more and more money? WHat about experiment, test and disturb to encounter new ways of use for a great medium?

      • You know full well the rationale of what you’re doing. legitimate reasons have been posed to you. pushing the envelope as you see it is nothing more than trolling. it not art and its not cool or ironic. its AR material at best.

  4. Shannon Sittingbull: you cant come in the club with a house on
    Am I the only person who had a serious giggle over that line:)
    Penumbra Carter

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