Boss Oh

In LEA there are loads of important acting people who want to make you believe that they are those special chosen and selected elite who have that exclusive line between you, the simple ignorant avatar and the almighty holy Linden. The gardeners of morality. The defenders of good taste and the teachers of the rebels without a cause. So we have PatriciaAnne Daviau gardening around and sweet answering every question but never coming with an answer. We have the instant god himself, Solo Mornington, who has so much problems realising that he is not a real Linden God that he wants to wash everything more white than white in the hope that one day his hands start to bleed for the stigmata he thinks he deserves as an almost god. We have the nice guys like Jayjay Zifanwe and Werner Kurosawa who may do the shopping and cutting the lawn and we have the creeps like DanCoyote Antonelli, who wants all LEA for himself but don’t know how to lick a Linden ass in that way they like it most.

The Ginette’s and Rowan’s who need it as the last opportunity to make somewhere a career talk and talk and talk. But all of them have zero power. No one has the right to push a button, make a decision, suggest a direction except one, Boss Oh, my dear sister Bryn. She can touch ban buttons in a second, lift bans during the wink of an eye, arrange festivals and exhibitions without asking anyone, and giving out sweet candies of land to the ones she loves like the Oberon Onmura’s and other cube gluers.

Am I going to attack Boss Oh aka Bryn Oh????? Hell no, she is my sister and unbanned me yesterday in various LEA sims in seconds. What else you have family for? (And she is filthy rich after everybody donated her money).

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