About Nothing

Dear LEA AIR Land Grant applicant:

Thank you applying for an LEA AIR Land Grant region. It was very difficult to determine how to award the grant for a mere 20 regions with so many high caliber applications.

We are very happy to tell you that we have chosen your proposal for a LEA AIR Land Grant region.

We want to thank you for applying, and encourage you to do your best to fully fulfil the enormous expectations  that your genius application has raised at our humble committee, who almost doesn’t feel worthy even to handle such a challenge for the world of arts.

On behalf of the LEA Committee we congratulate you already and offer our services wherever we can. If it is possible we would like to be part of your masterplan in the following way,

Bryn Oh would like to appear as a transparent statue to symbolise her absolute contribution to NOTHING.

JayJay Zifanwe would like to be the friend of everybody as he is the master in keeping relationships about NOTHING.

L1Aura Loire would like to be the ass to be licked as she has the biggest ass.

LaPiscean Liberty would like to host all the movies made about NOTHING as he already does so for a long time.

PatriciaAnne Daviau would like to be in the tourist info stand so she can inform everybody in her most friendly way about NOTHING

Solo Mornington would like to do NOTHING as that is his live long passion

Werner Kurosawa would like to build a roof over NOTHING

Chantal Harvey would like to shoot again one of her movies about NOTHING

Dekka Raymaker would like to knit the word NOTHING to attach it on Werner’s roof above NOTHING

Rowan Derryth would like to write in her blog everything about NOTHING with even more energy than she wrote before about NOTHING

Zachh Cale would love to eject, ban and kill every intruder who wants to destroy NOTHING

If our humble suggestions don’t fit in your concept, please replace us for anyone else as we are NOTHING more than NOTHING

The LEA Committee.

Here the link to the application:


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