Liberate Me From Friends Who Are Owned By A Boss

When I want to say goodbye to Claudia and her sim I couldn’t because of our new dictator of duty Zachh Cale

SaveMe Oh: but I am banned

SaveMe Oh: maybe that asshole Zachh Cale?

SaveMe Oh: I get a banned message from the region

SaveMe Oh: ask Zachh if he can unban me from the region

claudia222 Jewell: i did expect you to come

claudia222 Jewell: just write him

claudia222 Jewell: i have a armee of  messages

SaveMe Oh: I have better things to do then have quarels with your bosses

claudia222 Jewell: sorry

SaveMe Oh: If you let your bosses bann your friends you are not a friend

claudia222 Jewell: i will ask

claudia222 Jewell: maybe  i am not a good friend yes

claudia222 Jewell: that  can be

claudia222 Jewell: i  am just a little busy

SaveMe Oh: maybe not, but i thought you were

SaveMe Oh: I have always time for friends

claudia222 Jewell: havent been around much anymore

SaveMe Oh: no excuses please

claudia222 Jewell: kinda stopping  a little here

SaveMe Oh: you should

SaveMe Oh: mesh is just a silly hype

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