When The Power Of Mystery Hits Cherry Manga

When I came with a very modest building to the closing party of Romy Nayars exhibition and even took my almost wife we couldn’t enjoy our endless love a lot…..


Cherry Manga: Aloha Save

Cherry Manga: I don’t mind your stuff, but the guest artist doesn’t like it 😉 act like you wish Save, you know I’m for freedom of expression here at mysterious wave, but will react if Romy asks me to.

Cherry Manga: Save you’re here?

SaveMe Oh: yes? I’m in the bar

Cherry Manga: lol yes I know

Cherry Manga: ya can do that for Romy please?

Cherry Manga: remove the drinks 🙂

Rose Borchovski: dag liefje

SaveMe Oh: dag honneponnetje

SaveMe Oh: kus me snel voor ze me bannen

SaveMe Oh: de artiest van dienst houdt namelijk niet van mijn cafe

Rose Borchovski: ik vind hem wel heel mooi)

Apmel Meerson: hello Rose Borchovski! and oh SaveMe is here too :9

Rose Borchovski: jammer dat ik niet naast je kan ziten

SaveMe Oh: doe een zit animatie schatje

SaveMe Oh: dan is het net echt

SaveMe Oh: je kunt het

SaveMe Oh: of schenk me een lekker glaasje martini in

SaveMe Oh: kluns

SaveMe Oh: je zit in mijnkoffie

Cherry Manga: Ok, Ux left because you’re here… Romy prefers to have Ux besides her, it’s Rose Borchovski: it smells after cigars

Maxim Ouachita: not wesy to remove drinks, we are standing in water!!!

SaveMe Oh: now Romy decides what we can wear

SaveMe Oh: a dominatrix artist

SaveMe Oh: why she dont run herself after that UX

Cherry Manga: k save, I’ll do it 😉

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

Rose Borchovski: I thought it was a closing, or am I wrong?

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cherry Manga ejected and banned you from this land.


Apmel Meerson: what was that all about?

SaveMe Oh: Romy didnt like my dress

SaveMe Oh: and Cherry ordered me to strip

Apmel Meerson: I didn´t see it

Apmel Meerson: do you have a pic?

2 thoughts on “When The Power Of Mystery Hits Cherry Manga

  1. I have compassion for the victims of boredom, life must be very dull. I have compassion for these people when they go to boring events, masochism is a sad thing.
    Cherry Mangdalena

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