The Heavy Task Of Organizing

Kandinsky Beaumont: Save, I think there will be a real mess tomorrow if I don´t put the right LM in the invitation. Also I have to make an nc because there are so many to send to.

Send it on to your contacts… let us spam1

SaveMe Oh: amen

Kandinsky Beaumont: : ))

SaveMe Oh: you go first, after I will send in groups you forgot

Kandinsky Beaumont: ok

SaveMe Oh: WAIT

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes

SaveMe Oh: should you tell the time in the NC again?

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe

SaveMe Oh: maybe handy

SaveMe Oh: it’s on the poster, but those lazy’s wont open that

Kandinsky Beaumont: Like this?

SaveMe Oh: beautiful

SaveMe Oh: spam baby

SaveMe Oh: WAIT

SaveMe Oh: It could be an idea also to add my name?

Kandinsky Beaumont: hehe you have so many funny ideas!I shall try to push it in in some corner… wait

SaveMe Oh: Otherwise we might attract some unwanted guest who surely won’t appear when they see my name.

Kandinsky Beaumont: yes wait I have an idea

Kandinsky Beaumont: Now?

SaveMe Oh: omg

SaveMe Oh: ok

Kandinsky Beaumont: too much?

SaveMe Oh: no

Kandinsky Beaumont: no it is fun

SaveMe Oh: and they can still try to ban me


Sunday 16th at 1PM SLT you are welcome to join a daring artwalk into exclusive goals!


This is an artwork by the notorious artist SaveMe Oh. As she made and hosts the art in question she cannot be banned.

Three things to bear in mind for Sunday´s adventure:–-“the-elixir-of-quietude”/

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