A Young Persons Guide To Fine Art

As the old farts are not to rescue anymore.

When you visit the exhibition HOP ON HOP OH, dear young visitor, there are some very funny things you can do. You could HOP from stage to stage, and take some very nice pics of yourself and then you could google what picture you are in and you can make some very nice discoveries about the exiting world of fine arts.

Now I add some examples how your pic could look like. And keep in mind, your ROTATE and ZOOM tool will help you a lot to get the right angle.

Now when you take a picture make sure not one of the old farts who hang around art like old groupies get in you pic. For that you can use the MUTE button.

I guess I get you all now very excited and for sure you all can’t wait to give it a try….

Well go ahead and don’t forget to show us the results of your discoveries.

Isn’t art big fun????

6 thoughts on “A Young Persons Guide To Fine Art

  1. Ooooohhhh, what perfect pictures! How lucky we can be to have this wonderful teacher in angles and light available for all of us.
    Just to get the examples of how NOT to do it go to the places where our beloved teacher gives us some more advices!
    Public facebook pages of Kandinsky Beaumont and Lennart Nilsson!

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