LEA Sim Owners Getting Nervous

While Solo Mornington banned me again in LEA 5, I had to stand on LEA 6 to have a good view. And here we see LEA6 “builder” Mary Wickentower who went shopping for buildings and cars to rez them to set up a movietheatre with more or less 1000 seats (think Jayjay Zifanwe and you get the picture). On this brilliant concept she got a free sim. A lot of LEA (licking every ass) must have been done for this “grant”.

Mary Wickentower: Hi Save me  –  whatever beef you have with LEA has nothing to do with me – please don’t disrupt my buiild, OK?

SaveMe Oh: ofcourse not, dont worry

SaveMe Oh: whatever the idiots might tell you, I am not a griefer

Mary Wickentower: TY, if you get really close to the boarder here, what you do does overlapp onto LEA 6 and onto my build

SaveMe Oh: the bastard banned me from LEA5

SaveMe Oh: thats why I am forced to stand here

Mary Wickentower: I am sorry to hear that  – who banned you?  You are more than welcome to stand in LEA, but please  don’t mess with the landscape – it took me HOURS  to get it right

SaveMe Oh: Solo the dictator

SaveMe Oh: your good friend?

Mary Wickentower: I don’t know Solo other than s/he is on LEA board

Mary Wickentower: I just got the LEA FULL SIM SERIES grant for the month of Sept

SaveMe Oh: Congratualations with that

SaveMe Oh: although a gift from Solo and his board is like getting a gift from Idi Amin

Mary Wickentower: not so much a gift as an award based on the merit of the project

SaveMe Oh: Wish it was like that

SaveMe Oh: what a complete stupid concept you build by the way

SaveMe Oh: 1000 seats in a theatre were nobody will ever sit

SaveMe Oh: what a waste of prims

SaveMe Oh: Hope its only a set for a movie

SaveMe Oh: I thought this was for the arts, but you went shopping and dumped it here

2 thoughts on “LEA Sim Owners Getting Nervous

  1. When you have no talent yourself, all you can do it try really hard to belittle everyone else, and look like a fool. I DARE YOU TO PRINT THIS.

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